Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Special Evening

Thought I'd rush in here to put up a post before I grab some lunch...spend some time with Walker discussing flight times...get dinner organised early...tidy up the mess I left this morning before work (looks like a wirlwind swept through my house)...and go back out the door to watch (read: chase a toddler on the sidelines) of a softball game tonight...hoping to get some pictures, depends on the agility of the todder.

Went to the Celebration of the Arts at the College last night. Some of you will know that Cameron was performing his drumming duet with his mate. It was fabulous...the boys had changed it just slightly...and I tried to take a video of it with my useless camera. My camera wasn't really THAT useless, but the inbuilt microphone was so sensitive that there was a lot of vibration involved in the finished product and most of it sounds like a bloody great big racket. (Oi...I know what you're thinking.)

I was blown away by the talent of what I saw. I sat through piano duets, a superb violin solo....a beautifully harmonious rendition of "When I'm 64" by the girls choir (Fred, you would've loved it!)...several short films that the kids had strung together and produced/directed themselves...some beautiful and elaborate fashion, designed by the students and much more.

was the final performance of the evening. In the last few months the school have had a lip sync competition and she came 1st equal with another performance. Anyway, last night my jaw hit the ground when she came out from behind the curtain wearing not much more than a shimmering skimpy black dress, a pair of fishnet stockings (garter belt included for all the world to see), stilhettos and long white gloves. She sang a remixed version of "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" and pranced across the stage, swinging her booty to the point of seeing her knickers (how could you not in this get-up??). Twas a far cry from her debut stage performance as an innocent Cinderella several years ago.

During this time I received a text message from my older sister to tell me my brother had become a father for the first time (and just after I'd sent him this HUGE email yesterday about how excited I was to hear news of when the baby was born.) I don't have a lot of information. They had a baby girl, 7lb something, at 1.30pm yesterday, 2 weeks early. That's all I know thus far...don't even know what her name is yet!

Will get some more news out of my mother later this evening hopefully. Unfortunately my brother and his fiancee live in Sydney, Australia, so I wont get the opportunity to see my new niece for a while. That breaks my heart. *sigh* Just another reason to hate yet another ocean.

But....I'm an Aunty again...YAY!!...let's celebrate!
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