Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Birthday... me! Whoot!
(Don't know why I'd sound so excited about getting older, sheesh)

Besides, it was yesterday lol.

Firstly, thank you for your comments on the post below and your well wishes for me getting better. I'm back at work and feeling much better, just not quite 100%, but then I'm not sure I've ever been a total 100% anyway, so no loss there. lol

Yep. 41 years old now. It's certainly been an interesting 12 months. Good times, bad times and lots of times in between. I won't wax lyrical on that, I already went there a couple of weeks ago in "Twists of Fate" nuff said.

I was thinking of taking the day off from work on my birthday, but to the honest, I probably wouldn't have known what to do with myself and would've likely spent the entire morning in bed. If I'd done that I wouldn't have been at work to accept the lovely bunch of flowers the staff gave me. So it worked for me. lol

Yesterday morning around 7am, Ryan came into my bedroom, handed me a small packet..."Happy Birthday Mum...I'm going back to bed"....I ended up following him back there and sitting on the end of his bed as I opened it. He gave me a pair of beautiful gold/white gold, heart shaped earrings. They're beautiful and I love them. Not a bad idea to 'train' the kid to buy me jewellery...however I do need to work on his delivery. lol He told me that he was paranoid that I would go into his room and have a big clean out and find the earrings. Now I know why whenever I made even the smallest comment about the mess in his room, I'd find him mucking things out almost immediately. lol

Picture 287

Cameron, like me, has also been unwell, and as such was home for the day from school. When I got home from work, he had vacuumed the lounge, the washing machine was going and the kitchen was spotless (apparently there was slight panic involved at one stage because the electricity went out in the street for over an hour lol). He gave me (in typical Cameron giftyness), a set of Logitech speakers for my PC, that included a subwoofer that sits on the floor, vibrating at my feet. They're fabulous and I have to say I'm rather impressed with the sound quality.

Picture 285

Went out for dinner last night. It was comfortable and relaxing and I received some more lovely presents...including a book called "Why do men have nipples?". You'll be hearing about some of that in upcoming posts I think, there are certainly some interesting questions in this book. Last weekend I discovered we actually have a "Dennys" in New far as I'm aware, it's the only one so far....and of course that's where I wanted to go for dinner. I've read about it so many times on various blogs throughout my blogroll, I just HAD to go there didn't I? lol

I also received a box of lovely goodies from Magpie. The parcel arrived the day before and I waited until 6.30am the following day to open it. Toffee of course lol...a thriller/murder mystery book, a giant English flag (yay!) and other bits and pieces. All individually wrapped. Now that Mags is on holiday I have no way to say thank you for her generosity, so if anyone knows of a way, via text message or whatever, please let me know, I'd really appreciate it.

I felt spoilt, and had a lovely day...was home and in bed by 10pm and slept right through til 7.20am. Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty good today due to all that sleeping.

I have been around in blogland in the past week or so, you just may not have seen me...I've barely commented anywhere, but I've been reading, just not made it as obvious as usual. I'm going to try to remedy that this weekend by making my mark all over the place, so beware! lol

Thank you for continuing to read me and I wish you all a lovely day/night.
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