Monday, April 16, 2007

If You're Happy and You Know It....

"He's gone?"..."Yes."..."So, you're on your own again now?"..."Yes."

She waited to hear more. Yet I had only told her moments before I wouldn't talk about it. I clammed up, refused to get into further dialogue on the subject and shut down that part of my mind. The conversation turned to her. She was asked by another friend of ours..."So, are you in love?" She responded by giving it some thought and said "Yes, I think so, I really enjoy having him around."

When people say they think they're in that because they don't actually know for sure? Or is it because they don't want to become vulnerable to others by confirming it? I understand we don't like to admit to being in love too soon after we start seeing someone...that could have 'egg on face' possibilities. But several months down the track, I'd expect them to have some idea as to whether they want to continue seeing that person and explore the potential of a future relationship.

Perhaps that's expecting too much. We've talked on here before about how long or little it can take for you to know what you want, or when you start having those feelings sweep through you. The conclusion of that discussion if I recall, was that there was no set time feel it when you're ready, you know when you just feel whether they're right or not.

I have to admit I was surprised that my friend had to think about it. I know if anyone had asked me that question recently, I wouldn't have response would've simply been "Yes". I know it, those close to me know would've been pointless denying it anyway. It's a fact, I'm in love. Problem is, I don't quite know what to do about it...well I can't do anything really, so I do nothing lol.

What happens when you're in love and you shouldn't be? I mean, if things don't go to plan, unexpected events crops up, complications etc? We all know there's no internal switch to flick off those feelings. And why would we anyway? Being in love is a terrific feeling. Unless of course the object of your heart's desire isn't in love with you. That feeling would suck big time.

But it doesn't stop us from eventually falling again. It might take us longer each time, and one of the beauties of getting older, is that although we become weary with age...we also become wary with age. Hopefully past experience will help us learn more about ourselves and give us guidance. In theory that sounds great but falling in love can occur without us even noticing at times, so that kinda chucks level-headed thinking out the window. *sigh*

Cupid's got a lot to answer for. But we let him play with our hearts because we remember what it feels like...we want that feeling again...we need it. Hell, there are people out there virtually hunting it down on a daily basis. There are enough online dating services to prove that fact. We want to be happy...sharing our lives with that special someone makes us happy...and we all deserve to be happy.

Love....apparently it's what makes the world go round...and who are we to stop the world spinning on it's axis?
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