Friday, May 25, 2007

No Rest for the Wicked

I'm still not 100% health-wise...who would've thought a scabby common cold could keep me down for so long eh? I was sent home from work on Monday under strict instructions from one of the nurses "See a doctor! I insist!" I went to see my own GP first thing Tues morning. He kindly gave me medication and two days off work. That's after he dragged me into another room to 'whip' off the two moles we'd discussed a couple of months ago. The shithead barely gave me time to protest. Besides Cameron was with me, and what kind of example would I be if I'd done what I wanted to and bitten the doctor??

Incidentally, my older sister did that once...her doc told her it wouldn't hurt when he was about to use liquid nitrogen on a wart...she said it was an instant reaction...soon as the burning started she leant forward and bit him. Haha, take that doc. Guess the fighting spirit runs in the family huh? I think that's the kindest way to describe our fetish for wanting to mutilate anyone that's hurting us, regardless of whether it's for our own good or not lol.

What started off as a snotty cold, turned into a chest infection, so I religiously took the provided antibiotics like a good girl. I consumed these pills for a couple of days and my body obviously thought "wtf??" and started rebelling severely. I became sleepless, breathless and too frightened to eat in case it set off another bout of chronic indigestion. The tight 'band' across my midriff had me pacing the floor at ungodly hours of the night. I was on here mindlessly playing games at 3.30am at one point...figured my competitive streak would distract me from what my insides were upto haha. I was ecstatic to belch, but I couldn't fart with confidence, thus there were many trips to the toilet. Who knew my good manners could take a rapid dive due to a few small tablets?? It's the first time I can really say I was delighted to have diahorrea.

Yeah...good times.

Work rang me Wednesday afternoon and told me I had oodles of sick leave so just stay home for the remainder of the week and rest up. I'm back to work on Monday. After ringing my doctor's office this morning and leaving a message reporting on bodily functions, he rang me later and asked "So Lisa, have I poisoned you yet?" lol

A new course of antibiotics and things are going back to normal. Hoorah! I'm off back to the orchard this weekend. My sister was trying to get me up there earlier, seeing as I'm off work. When she first suggested it, I thought "How sweet, she wants to keep an eye on me and be there if I need her". When I actually thought about it properly I realised it was more likely she was after female support. My Dad is staying with them and I've already heard her complain about being bossed around by both her husband and our father. I told her to grow some balls lol. probably aren't aware of it, but I've been in and out of your pages at various times over the week trying to catch up on what's happening in your worlds. Man, you're a busy lot aren't you?
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