Saturday, February 24, 2007

Is This What They Call Progress??

I was thinking you lot might possibly be missing me....thus I felt it my duty to come back in this morning and let you know I'm still alive. As previously mentioned, I've been painting. Did you get that? I've BEEN painting....that means for the moment I'm finished. That's right, I'm done for now. The hallway and lounge both have a new lick of paint on their booty. I've decided to give myself an emotional and physical break before I tackle the rest of the house lol.

The hallway was completed last weekend, no was the stinking lounge that took SO friggin' long. When I felt like I'd been stepping around obstacles for weeks on end, it occurred to me that it's actually only been a just felt like eons. Everything's still not quite back in place properly and at the moment it all feels so cold and sterile. I only just screwed the curtains rails up last night, so the drapes are yet to be hung, and there are no photos/pictures up.

I'm not too keen to be sticking hooks into my newly painted walls right now lol.
But soon as I've given it enough time to cure properly, the nails will definitely been going in...I need my babies faces back up where I can see them. If I don't get those photos up soon, I might forget what they look like. (Here's hoping anyway hahaha. I'm just kidding! sheesh)

I don't think I've ever taken such an interest in looking at walls. Last Saturday night after doing the first coat in the lounge I sat here staring at the walls....willing them to be different when they dried. They looked disgusting...I could see roller marks all over the place....rang my BIL feeling slightly panicked because I felt I must've done something wrong. My poor BIL must sigh very heavily mentally everytime he hears my voice...I'm sure there's a "Shit, what's happened now?" tone to his voice when he hears my falsely cheerful "Hey!" Relief of my despair came in the form of a second coat.

On Tuesday, I met Ryan outside the doctors office...he had an appointment after school and I'd turned up in my painting gear. He took one look and said "Oh great, the dungarees...*sigh*". "Hey, don't be like that, I just had to go into the supermarket wearing these."...."Yeah but I wasn't with you then" This from a kid who requested I change out of my work clothes before going grocery shopping with him a couple of years ago...."because you look too important." Can you say "No-win situation" ??

The reactions of my teenagers to all this fresh paint?

Ryan: "Do you realise you've just gone and wiped out my entire childhood?"
Cameron: "You're being too fussy Mum....Oh...*pointing*...You missed a bit."
Saturday, February 17, 2007

Watching Paint Dry...

As some of you are aware I've been painting. Well attempting to anyway. The furniture in the lounge area is in complete chaos and I still haven't moved my computer yet. I'll be doing that this weekend because I have to get in behind here to clean the wall down ready to paint.

Last night I started on the hallway with a roller. I'd already done the 'cutting in' the night before. Rolling "half Spanish White" (dirty cream) over a very VERY pale lemon is not good for your eyes. It's bloody difficult to tell in artificial lighting where you've been and where you haven't. I'll do the second coat this morning while I can still see properly. My hallway is not very wide...unfortunately my arse is...and I now have two rather nicely rounded marks on the bum of my dungaree's where I touched the wall whilst bending over painting the opposite wall and talking on the phone at the same time. The call was instantly disconnected.

In the lounge, for the past 16 years or so, the colour has been peach..Angel Peach to be it's a damn sight easier to tell. Both boys were very skeptical about me changing the colour in here....neither of them have been any help, but that's my own fault. I started doing this too late in the summer break and they're both back at school. Although I have to say it's a lot easier doing this when noone else is in the house. The cat and her continuously shedding coat has been relegated to the garden.

I have bruises on both legs and hips from bashing into boxes and furniture that are no longer in their usual place. I have paint in my hair and I have gone through several pairs of latex gloves because I refuse to touch any of the equipment with bare hands (haha). I rummaged around in my linen cupboard to find some old sheets to use as drop-cloths...thus we have a colourful display of space ships, racing cars and the alphabet strewn all over the show.

I've been neglecting my friends to get the job done. Those I haven't neglected are getting phonecalls from me asking questions about the why's, where's and how-to's of painting. It's obvious I've never done this before. I've even been on here and googled "how to paint walls"....found a fantastic website with lots of tips and information. Hot damn I LOVE Google! Google is my friend. Lots of smooches to Google.

This morning I shall take a small amount of time out to do the washing. That's the extent of the excitement my life holds at the moment!! *sigh* However, yesterday I downed tools to go and do whatever, which resulted in some slap happy and slightly crooked trimming afterwards, and a dazed medical receptionist on her afternoon shift. It was worth it. I'm still reading my favourite blogs when I help me out here something super exciting so I can live my life vicariously through you at the moment ok?

I'll be back....I'll be lighter and fresher and possibly reeking of paint fumes, but I'll be back all the same...
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Funny Valentine...

Well here it is again.

*twiddles thumbs*

What to do, what to dooooo??

Hard to believe that this is my third Valentine's Day post really. That's right, count 'em up...2005, 2006 and now 2007...1, 2, 3. Who'da thought I'd still be blogging over two years down the track? Not me...I figured I'd have met a wealthy oil sheik and been whisked away to the land of gold and honey by now...or some such malarky.

SO, it's here, and thus I feel the need to come up with something appropriate to write about. Pfft. Why, Why, WHYYYY??! I ask you! We barely even celebrate Valentine's Day in New Zealand!


Alright, here goes. *ahem*

I hereby dedicate this Valentines Day to:

* The lovely man in the coffee shop near work. This young man teases me about bran being in the muffins because he knows I won't buy one if there's any bran in them. He tells me there's bran each and every time I ask. (Take a hint Lisa, stop eating the muffins!) Yesterday he told me that whenever he sees bran he thinks of me now lol. He makes the best moccachinos, and every now and then I manage to score a free one out of him....I have no idea why. Over the past 6 months I've had free scones, muffins and coffee, (not all at the same time I might add) whenever he's feeling in a generous mood. And yesterday he almost made me do a double take by calling me Sweetheart for the first time ever in our 'relationship' lol

* The wonderful plumber that came to the 'last minute' aid of my leaking gas hot water cylinder on Monday. He had to replace the bottom valve and a couple of pipes. Furthermore, he didn't bat an eyelid when I greeted him at the door smelling of Red Georgio Beverly Hills (thought the least I could do is NOT smell of B.O. cos I couldn't have a shower). I had a full face of makeup after leaving work at midday (panicked about my house blowing to smithereens), and was dressed in a pair of low cut dungarees splotched with sugar soap. I welcomed him with the enthusiasm of 2 yipping puppies eagerly awaiting their master's homecoming. However, he did keep his distance and was very quiet to start off with....but I think once he realised I really wasn't a desperate divorcee trying to get into his pants, he loosened up some. He was flat out with work, yet managed to squeeze me in regardless. For that I am very grateful.

* My girlfriend's father, who supplied me with a paint tray, roller with extension and cutting brush, to get me started on my hallway and lounge walls this morning. I'm also so thankful that he put up with my endless questions over the phone the other night about types of paint, what to do first, how to do it and if I stuff it up will he let me hire him so he can put it right. He also allowed me to use his name to get a decent discount on the paint I bought this morning.

* My oldest son who followed instructions over the phone (when I rang from work), and balanced a bucket on top of the cat biscuit box, which was balanced on top of a stepstool to catch the continuous drip from the hot water unit before he left for school Monday morning.

* My youngest son for not complaining (he actually said "Cool!") when I served him up spaghetti on toast for dinner because I was too busy cleaning down walls and moving furniture around to throw together something more substantial.

* To the men on my blogroll. Fred, Gary, H&B, Mongooser, tl, Ryan, Mr Fab, RainyPete, MrH, NZDanBoy, Larry, Andrew and Gary. For hanging out here occasionally and giving my page some much needed and wanted masculinity. Strike me down if I missed anybody out, I really appreciate each and every one of you dropping by.

and last but certainly not least:

* To the caller that I speak to most mornings...who jump-starts me from sleep with some good conversation, makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face that keeps me going for the rest of the day.

Bollocks to the rest of you.

Nah, you know I'm just kidding. Don't be so sensitive. You know I love you all right? Yes I thought so.

May you all have a terrific Valentine's Day, and ensure your significant other is made to feel extra special, as they do you.

Although why we should limit it to only one day a year is beyond me. Love should be celebrated every day and I'm sure a lot of you do that.


*throws balloons and heart-shaped confetti in the air, cues some romantic sexy music*

There you are...that's just to start you off. GO!
Friday, February 09, 2007

Getting Personal

I went to see the doctor early this morning. I went because he rang me earlier this week and said it was time to turn up for my 3 monthly check. I often manage to get away with these checks....just ring when I need medication and he writes a script. If I come down with anything that needs attention straight away, I tend to use the doctors at my place of work. I really need to print out my computer notes from work and pass them onto my personal GP (Dr Tim), so he's aware of everything my body's been going through lol.

Occasionally I'll flash the mole on my left shoulder at one of my colleagues and ask "Does it look like it's grown bigger since the last time I showed you?". Dr R has asked me before, "why don't you just let me whip it off for you?" Yeah I'm going to let him put a needle in me, and then take a knife to me?? Truth be told I just kept saying "Yeah, ok, soon" hahaha Soon just never seems to come in a hurry to my life. "Soon" tends to stroll itself lazily toward me, changes direction a couple of times away from me, and 2 years down the track I might think about it again. lol

My life's like that in many ways. I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. I barely ever take risks. I have to make sure I've got all my bases covered before I make the first move on any project. That's with everything personal or professional life is different, I act when and if I need to, using my initiative in my working career has always been top notch (that's just in case there's anyone out there wanting to hire me hahaha). On the personal front, every now and then I throw caution to the wind and spontaneously jump in feet first....the excitement carrying me away, I feel pumped with adrenalin purely because I'm actually doing whatever it is without much thought.

Today Dr Tim saw me in the waiting room..."Good morning Trouble...come with behaving?" "Of course!...always...sorta." He stopped walking and stared at my face...."Hmmmm........." I stood there under his scrutiny thinking "What can he see? Does he know? Oh God, he knows, he KNOWS!" Before I knew it, I was grinning at him. His left eyebrow raised, nodding his head he said quietly "Good for you." and we burst into laughter.

I asked him about two moles in particular....having been told I should get rid of them, and knowing I really should, I finally said it out loud. He took a look...the one on my bicep he called blahdy blah blah (new medical jargon for you)...something about a hair follicle going a bit crazy. The one on my shoulder is different, but he's willing to remove both.

Now, you see, I finally took the step to do something constructive about it...and he said, "Wait til we get the new blahdy blah (different from the first blahdy blah mentioned above)....he continued "Last time I removed one there was smoke coming from the aparatus in my hand, not the patient's skin hahahaha" I've known this doctor for at least 17 years...if he can read my facial expressions so easily, he should certainly know better than to tell me shit like THAT.

Furthermore, he followed it up with, "Come on then, come out here and get on the scales so I can be mean to ya." It's a wonder I even like the man really.
Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For the Balloons in My Life...

(that's you lot, just so's you know')

I've learned...

- that when I go up to the Orchard, I generally have to return either the same day or the following day to retrieve something, namely my handbag/purse (I can't believe I did it again!!);

- that I can say the most unexpected things at appropriate or inappropriate moments depending on who's point of view you're looking from. (If I feel it, I say it, offend or please);

- that each time I return to the Orchard something new's eventuated. This time it was a bedroom extension and a couple of new brick pathways. As one of my brother-in-law's friends said recently "Hey mate, what's the story with all these little houses that keep popping up all over the place?" It's like playing "Spot the Difference", I love it lol;

- that Anne can make a lot of noise if I sleep in 'her' bedroom/container and manage to get my sister onside with both of them having a go at me with their arms folded as I strip the bed the following morning (what happened to family loyalty??);

- that my teenagers are still gullible enough to believe they're on the receiving end of two the point of naming said goldfish. Ryan changing his mind several times because Cameron suggested he come out with a posher name than "Twiggy". I think Ryan's last attempt was "George Geoffrey Junior" (Neither even noticed the fish had disappeared the following morning lol);

- when I promise a friend I'll collect her from the ferry terminal at 4.30 this afternoon, I can be fast asleep instead, only to waken in a panic stricken state to see it was 4.56;

- no amount of apologising would make me feel any better for being so late - the restless night's sleep didn't help of course;

- when another friend is asleep, snoring away on my couch, I find myself struggling not to get the webcam out to record it and post it on YouTube (As if I would! Alright, yes, the thought crossed my mind, but I really wouldn't ok?)

- I can have difficulty talking about my weekend with one of my closest friends at breakfast this morning for fear of bursting into tears;

- when someone jokingly pretends he got flowers especially for me, and even when I know that's a load of bollocks, I'm still touched by the gesture regardless; (yeah I know, I'm THAT easy to please lol);

- that when I struggle to find something to write on here, I can rectify the problem by coming out with an "I've Learned..." post, hahaha;

- that a man who's not romantically interested in me can make me feel mushy and a little melted with an unexpected text message he chose to forward to me...."Friends are like balloons, once you let them go you can't always get them back. So I'm going to tie you to my heart, that way I'll never lose you."