Thursday, July 17, 2008

Radio Ga Ga

Many times over the past few years, I've stolen blog subjects off the radio. I have to admit, it's been some time since I did that, but if you've been reading me for a while, you may remember my radio posts. Generally subjects I've found interesting and wanted to either bring to your attention, or just basically discuss further (cos I'm like that.)

A post that springs to mind fairly quickly, was one I wrote about Polly having a microphone in the doctor's office while she was having a cervical smear. Caused a wee upset with a couple of the males that read me at the time. Considering both sides were purely giving their opinions on the matter and both had the right of reply...a respectful peace eventually settled in once again. (I will confess I was probably a tad harsh in the closing paragraphs of that post.)

Today I wanted to share with you the masterminds behind my favourite radio station here in Wellington and the people that have given me some interesting, if somewhat controversial subjects in the past. Apparently there's a bit of a phenomenon of lip-dubbing sweeping the globe(?). I had no idea this was happening. Yes I know that shows how much my finger has slipped off the pulse. Hush.

Without further ado, I give you...the fabulous Crew of Wellington's 91ZM. Enjoy!

*crowd goes wild*

I love all of this, but my favourite part has to be the elephant...that's just too funny. And furthermore, they're sooo damn clever, they did this all in one continuous editing. Told ya they were fab didn't I?
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