Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Me: "So, you do love that I'm the one that's your mother, right?"
Cameron: "Uh...."
Me: "You have to anyway, cos I already blogged about"
Cameron: "Yeah but..."
Me: "But YOU told that me that...you said you loved that I was your mother"
Cameron: *smirking* "Mum, things might have changed since then"


*Cellphone rings*
Me: "Hello?"
Alice: "You are a terrible bear sitter!"
Me: "Eh?"
Alice: "The biggest teddy event in Wellington and Barnaby missed out."
Me: "Oh?"
Alice: "The teddy bear's picnic was held at the Botanical Gardens on Sunday. You should've taken Barnaby along."
Me: "Oh damn, I didn't realise...."
Alice: "Just google it, find a photo and label it "Barnaby was here"...in amongst all those teddy bears, they won't be able to tell anyway."


Anna and Jason have already made the 6 hour trek up north to Rotorua in preparation for the nuptials this coming weekend.

*Her cellphone rings*
Anna: *sounding exhausted* "Hi"
Me: "Hi Cookie, how's it all going? You doing ok?"
Anna: "I've just hung out all the best mens shirts and found out I've left Jason's behind at home in the closet."
Saturday, January 28, 2006

Learning Curves

Cameron received his results from his NCEA exams on Thursday. Students all over New Zealand have been waiting for their results to turn up on January 26th, since they completed their papers early December. The results showed up online later that day.

My son hasn't really shown too much stress about these results coming in. He's been almost blaise about it on the outside...I'm sure on the inside he hadn't forgotten, but on the outside? Nope, didn't show it at all.

I rang him from work on Thursday morning, once I knew the postman would've been and gone. He was still asleep. One of my co-worker's was telling me about how her son was so beside himself waiting for the results to turn up, he'd been unable to sleep the night before....he was up and online at 7am that morning seeing if they'd be posted yet. Hearing that and seeing the anguish on his mother's face...my heart went out to the two of them.

I eventually managed to get hold of Cameron. He'd received his results. I very carefully asked him how he'd done. (In reality I wanted to yell "Why haven't you rung me to tell me already??!)

"Oh, I passed" was the casual response.
"That's great news honey, well done!" (more excited than him)
"Well I knew I was going to pass Mum" (how arrogant is that?)
"Yes alright dear....and how well did you pass? Are YOU happy with the results?"

He was very happy with how well he'd done, although he was surprised by some of the results (not in a good way)....we discussed this later that evening. The NCEA is a relatively new style of school examinations here in New Zealand. Quite frankly I think the system is sucking big time, but that's probably because I don't understand it very well.

It also appears that the teachers themselves are struggling to understand this new system. There has been quite a bit of controversy about it in the media....the teachers and students are interpreting the questions of the exams differently....the questions can be so vague, teachers and students have been confused. It's almost pot luck that the students give the 'correct' answer.

Anyway, the bottom line is, Cameron passed and more importantly, he was happy with the results. His highest marks were for Japanese (81%), Music (76%) and Mathematics (72%). Both of us were surprised with the Science (62%) and English (69%) results....these have been two of his best subjects since the dawning of his first day at school. He scraped through History with a scary 50% lol. He achieved 133 credits out of a possible 145. From what I understand, he needed 80 credits to achieve a pass...120 credits (at this level) to allow entry to university. Understandably, I'm very proud of him.

For someone who is used to hitting the late 80s, 90s and occasionally striking the jackpot of 100% all through his school career, I think Cameron's realised that when it comes to the exams that count, he's going to have to actually do more study than he did the past year. The NCEA Level 2 exams (this year) are a different kettle of fish....the bar is raised well above Level 1. Cameron's now aware he's going to have to buckle down and sort out some type of study strategy as opposed to cramming the night before the exams and swaning through the mocks.

2006 is going to be a big year for me as a parent I guess. Ryan will be going through his NCEA Level 1s, and some of you will know that he's a different student entirely. Cameron will be dealing with NCEA Level 2. And me? Well I'll be here supporting and encouraging them both...trying hard not to put pressure on in the wrong places or at the wrong times.

Both my sons have the potential to reach great heights intellectually...they've proved that time and time again over the years. I don't want to become one of those parents that pushes their kids to drive harder because I know they can achieve more. I want to be relaxed enough to allow them to make their own choices and realise the satisfaction and personal victory of getting there on their own steam and merits.

Well...I guess there isn't anything I can do but wait and watch...like an outsider of sorts. I know there comes a time when we as parents need to step back and allow our children to make their own way in life...a time when we can't interfere and 'make' them do what we think is best for them...trusting that they'll make the right decisions for themselves.

Teen years are certainly trying ones. No wonder they've written shit loads of books on the subject. I like to think I've given my boys more and more independence as the years have gone by....letting those apron strings out further and further.

Yet....I still have that urge...that ache deep inside...you know the one? That's the one where I want to frantically yank that invisible string back in and hold them close, never allowing anything or anyone negative to touch them.

I know that feeling is never going to disappear regardless of how old, independent and successful they become. I always wanted to be a mum...I love being their mother...and I feel I honour my children by telling them that fact. They've both, on seperate occasions, made it obvious that they also love that I'm their mother.

Yes...2006 is going to be something else....it's certainly going to be a very interesting year with new roads to travel and unexpected swerves to negotiate for all of us.

Aw hell...we've made it this far and everyone still survived....how hard can it be?
Sunday, January 22, 2006

Big...no...HUGE...Catch Up

This post is a biggie....it's also a bitsa...bitsa this and bitsa that. Just thought I'd warn you all now..you know..in case you find yourself wondering whether it's actually going to end lol.

Walker and I went into town yesterday. Wellington that is. I had thought I could take him to a couple of craft markets that we have in the city...ones that he could buy souvenirs and experience some ethnic food etc, you know the type.

In theory, it seemed a good idea....in reality, well, it was a crock of shit. It's been some time since I ventured into the city to have a look around these markets. My god, how they've changed. The markets I remembered being there, were practically non-existent now. Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed, but we walked around the various shops, listening to street buskers and enjoying the sunshine.

I never did write about our weekend up at my sister's place, so I'll fill you in briefly now. The weather was absolutely fabulous....no wind, oodles of sunshine. New Zealand's sunshine is brutal if you're not careful. We have one of the highest rates of melanoma (skin cancer) in the world. If you're not appropriately 'covered' up, it's almost a sure thing you'll get burnt.

We sat around the table outside...drank and ate until we were ready to burst and then drank some more. Walker and I are now the first guests to spend a night out in one of the shipping containers they have on their property....these are purely just for sleeping in...but there are bathroom facilities in both. There was a shower and toilet in the one we used...but no hot water lol....and no electricity - my brother-in-law ran a very long extension cord out to it so we could have a lamp....we took a torch in case one of us needed to use the toilet in the middle of the night. No curtains either...lol.

The following morning we went for a walk through the orchard. Unfortunately the trees were past the stage of full bloom...I love the sight of apple orchards when they're all out in full bloom....it's spectacular. Here's a couple of photos I took while we were walking around that morning. You can barely see him, but my nephew is on the tractor in one of them...he's mowing the grass between the rows.

We had a lovely relaxing time that weekend....left the orchard around 11am to get back to the city in time to watch my best friend's daughter play in the U17 girls softball national championship finals at 3pm. They'd been playing this tournament for 4 days....her team playing approximately 12 games over the course of that time...then onto the finals. Was a fantastic game, Wellington won the tournament final, 5-1. All in all, a great weekend.

This past Friday I got a parcel. While sitting here in my PJs, eating breakfast, the courier arrived at my door with a very special delivery. Barnaby Bear has finally arrived in New Zealand!

For those of you who don't know, Barnaby is a bear that Jo has sent me. Barnaby comes with homework (what do you expect from a teacher, sheesh lol)...I loved looking at the photos of the children in her class and the questions that some wanted to know about New Zealand, or even me personally. I was thrilled to see that every child in the class had signed it. Made me feel all gooey and go "Aaaaaww...*sniff*".

So while out and about on our travels yesterday, we took a few pics of Barnaby in various places....one of which was this young street busker.

He had a small drum kit set up on the side of the street...a 15 year old, played with quite a crowd around him watching....at the end of it I rushed forward and asked him if he'd mind if I took a photo of him with Barnaby for some children in England. There were some young chickie babes standing nearby trying to talk to him at the same time....I told him he didn't have to hold the bear (who am I to ruin the kid's budding machismo? lol)

Once we'd had our fill in town, we stopped in to see Anna, Jason and Jaimee. The wedding's fast approaching...two weeks away....on the 4th of February....damn that time shot past. Darlings that they are, they sat and posed for me...hope you can see Barnaby there lol.

Not being so accommodating about sitting for pics with the bear, Jaimee wasn't so easy to manipulate...didn't stop me of course lol.

Right, I do believe I just wrote about 3 posts in one, that should hold you until I get around to reading what you've all been up to. I have been in and out of your sites from time to time, not as frequently as usual, but I've been there all the same. I realise you understand the reason behind this of course...Walker's visit, summer, working etc...but mark it well, I'll be back my friends.

Yep, I'll be back for sure...just you wait and see.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh Dear...Not Again

I know I'm being an incredibly slack blog pal. I've barely been in to read your posts recently, and although my intention has been good, I have to admit my body is feeling somewhat tired and wants to slouch in front of the telly, or go to bed early, rather than be upright and attentive in front of the PC.

It's like this ya see. As some of you will know (or perhaps you have blocked it out of your memories, I can respect that)....my body is not what it used to be. And I'm not talking about shape and gravity and all that stuff. I aint even gonna touch on that side of things. But I will say there's a fair amount of shit happening with my bod these days. Or not happening with it. I can go months on end without a menstrual period. Have it for a few days, and then it disappears for another few months til it feels safe to return I guess, who the hell knows?

Anyways, let's get down to the nitty gritty, cos it's been awhile since I went that far. My body is rebelling in some oddly strange way at the moment. The day that Walker touched down in Wellington airport...that's the day my period decided to show itself....more to the point....it's continued to hang around ever since.

Yeah yeah, I can hear you all laughing at the irony of it all. Just when we think it's gone...bang!....it's back in full force the next day. This, as you can imagine, has restricted certain activities....the quality of such activities, not to mention the regularity of aforementioned activities.

Last Friday morning saw me in my doctor's office. Not my usual doctor...he's a male, and as comfortable as I feel with him, even after all these years, I still haven't dropped my knickers for him yet. So when it comes to my female bottom bits, I see a lady. She takes a look and says "hm, can't say I've seen anything like that before, I'll take some swabs" ????!!!! I tell her that that is not what I want to hear. I wanted to come in, spread 'em and hear "Oh right, yes I know exactly what's going on."

Later Friday afternoon I had to work for a few hours...and before I left work, I was in my colleague's office, wanting answers. But with my panties intact. I explained, and she laughed about the fact that I finally had the opportunity to get a bit of somethin' somethin', yet was getting almost basically nothin' nothin'. Yeah right...go ahead...laugh your head off...bitch.

While I was in Canada, my body did a similar thing. For birth control I had my very first depo provera injection. In most cases, besides the prime object of protection, this will stop menstrual periods for the entire 3 months that it covers you. For some, you bleed the entire time....others have horrendous side affects, terrible cramps etc. It appears I'm one of the bleeders. I had the 'depo' 3 weeks before I left for Canada, started bleeding after the first week, spoke to my doctor, who gave me some hormone tablets to stop the bleeding...and although it stopped, the extra medication on top of everything else I needed to take, eventually gave me a yeast infection.

After finding out about the yeast infection from Walker's doctor, I shuddered later and said to him "Eeeww, you ate that!"...."Yeah, but you fed it to me!"...."Hm, true enough" *blush*. Yep, some of the juicy stuff is coming out now eh? ok, bad choice of words there.

The other day I told Walker I must be allergic to him. The two common denominators in each instance are Walker, and the injection. Obviously we don't really believe that my body has an adverse reaction to him...so it's gotta be that damn injection. Needless to say I won't be using it again. This non-stop stuff is pretty draining, I feel like I'm dragging myself around the house half the day and working the other half. It's quite exhausting really. My mother always had problems with her cycle. She'd go two weeks on, two weeks off...no wonder she was so crabby most of the time lol.

So, there ya go...if you were expecting a raunchy post at any stage, this might just have to be it....kinda....sorta. Sorry about the absence of heavy panting and descriptions of nakedness etc...but if we're struggling to deal with the lack of it...then it only seems fair that others should too. lol
Friday, January 13, 2006

One Year Down and More Chocolate To Come

Amongst all the hoorah of christmas, Walker's arrival and the dawning of a brand spanking New Year, something escaped my attention.

My one year blogging anniversary has come and gone...just like that...*woosh*.

Now somewhere on someone's site I saw what can only be interpreted as a meme. Something about listing the months gone by and filling in the first line from each of those posts. So, with that in mind, and regardless of the possibility I'm going to be breaking that particular meme's rules (cos I have no idea really, just flying by the seat of my pants)...that's what my post of today will consist of. But I have changed it slightly....I'm going to find the first post from each month, and give you the last line.

I actually started blogging at the end of December 2004, for some reason it only lists my archives as starting at January. So be it. Some of these lines are not going to make a lot of sense to some of you (or any of you), but I'm sure you'll cope eh? Too bad if you don't, I'm pushed to think of anything else to write today lol.

January '05
Anyone who wants to add their opinion about my crappy situation, feel free, I think I could do with a good smack in the head.

9. I hate the fact that I seem to be coughing more lately...how disgusting is that??!

4 hours of utter bitch, but worth it in the end.

Do you think they'd get picked up by airport security and their xray machines? *wriggle wriggle*

"Which one of you do I need to punish for leaving the door open?"

I'll blame it on the fact I haven't taken my medication yet this morning.

Anyway, enough blabbering about that...I gotta go....I've got some fast talking and heavy breathing to make up for.

Right, I'm off to navigate through the debris on 14's bedroom floor, in the dark, stumble my way to his bedside, and check on how he's feeling.

The fact that he then pulled the vacuum cleaner out to hoover the lounge may have helped.

I know my brain waves must've gone from flat lining on the screen to jumping right off the scale after processing THAT question.

What a transformation.

I've still been getting around reading you as often as I can, I obviously don't always comment, but I have been reading...so yeah...I can see you afterall!

January 06
Trust me...*cough*...it's ALL good.

So, there it is, wonderful or otherwise, my first year of blogging. Thank you to all of you for keeping me company over the past 12 months. It's been fabulous meeting you and sharing in your lives. I appreciate the time and effort you've made to comment on my life and the chaos that sometimes erupts within it.

*raises glass*

Here's to us....cheers! *clink*


*throws confetti and streamers as the balloons cascade down from the ceiling*


Walker and I are going up to my sister's orchard tomorrow to spend the weekend amongst apple trees and rural living. We're also going to stop off at the chocolate factory, cos their chocolate rocks and if it's brown and sweet, then it's all good. I'm sorry that Barnaby Bear hasn't arrived in time for me to take photos of him rolling around in chocolate for Jo and all her kiddies.

And speaking of kiddies....the young man from downstairs turned up last night with a beautiful wee bundle in his arms. A new Dad, beaming with pride, showing off his baby girl. I have to say she sure is gorgeous, and I was touched that he brought her upstairs to share her with us. Mum was in labour for 24 hours (holy hell) and delivered at 7.30am Wed morn....right in time for Dad's birthday. Man, he was rapt with that birthday present I can tell you. Her name is Yena...I think it's German because Mum is German, and I do believe her family arrive from there next month.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Tuesday, January 10, 2006

5 Seconds

My tenants are pregnant. Well, the female one of them is anyway. I found this out a few months ago, and only because I happen to notice the obvious changes in the young woman's body when we walked up the path alongside the house together one day.

Not wanting to embarrass or insult her, I didn't say anything. Not until her husband came up the following week to give me the rent money. He confirmed that she was indeed pregnant and was due mid January.

I don't have a lot to do with these particular tenants. Basically I only know they're home because their car's in the garage. They've always kept to themselves, don't seem to be the type to socialise with their landlady...but that's ok, cos their landlady has a life of her own anyway lol.

At the start of dinner this evening, I stood up to slide the door closed and saw my tenants standing in the yard, I'm assuming they were on their way down to the garage.

The young man was standing tall, holding his wife against him, she was leaning into him, head back and moaning. It was THAT moan. The primal moaning of a woman working her way through another contraction.

I stood there looking on for less than 5 seconds before stepping back to give them their privacy. Such a small amount of time, but plenty enough to have affect. The expression of helplessness on his face as he looked down at her...the sound of her pain.

I was back at the dinner table for less than 30 seconds playing with my food. I put my fork on the plate, stood and walked to the bedroom, quietly shutting the door behind me. For the next few minutes I sat on the bed crying. It felt like it was taking me ages to get it under control. What I really wanted to do was let loose and fall to pieces sobbing my heart out.

As I've mentioned above, I don't know these people very well at all. They've been my tenants for the past 12 months and have recently given me notice. They've bought a house and are moving out in a week's time. Besides the occasional meeting on the path and the weekly rent payment, I barely ever see them. Yet what I witnessed during those fleeting seconds had me aching in empathy for both of them.

Amazing isn't it? How we pass people by on a regular basis, smile or wave a hello/goodbye daily and still remain seggregated in our own worlds. But then the miracle of a new life....so beautiful and precious....experienced by millions...and will continue to be so for all of eternity...can touch us with an understanding that is felt by every race, creed and religion.

Isn't it wonderful that there is still something in this world that has us all united in such a heartfelt way?
Sunday, January 08, 2006

Relaxing into Our Personal Grooves

I rose at 5.23am this morning. It's now 7.50am and I've had all this time to myself.

It's been glorious....I've managed to tidy up the lounge, clean up the kitchen, replace the litter in the cat box, wheel the bin down to the roadside and start up the dishwasher. Currently I'm waiting on a few males to get out of bed, thus I can go pilfer a few laundry baskets and get the washing done.

I've even managed to drink my mocha and read some blogs. So I'm feeling pretty in control and on top of what's happening. The lawnmower man has been and gone and even with all his racket outside, the house remains silent.

I love this time of day. Love the quiet and calm before the rest of my house occupants stir. It gives me time to organise my thoughts and sort out my day, what needs to be done, what I want to do etc. Since Walker's arrival we've basically been taking each day as it comes....deciding on the day what we want to do...sometimes it's practically nothing. We're certainly getting very familiar with the supermarket aisles. Seems we're down there every other day.

The weather, although warm, hasn't helped us get outside too much really. The wind gusts we experienced the other day were of speeds over 160km/hr. The following day they were clocked in at 130km/hr, I say bollocks to that, they were just as strong as the day before....we spent time during the day going back and forth to the window...checking that the 2 seater wooden garden chair that Walker had dragged back up the bank the day before, was still where it was supposed to be.

We've been out to Anna and Jason's a couple of times....they appear to be going through a card-playing phase. Which isn't so bad really, I enjoy playing cards and Ryan loves to be involved in playing, so he's joined us both times (left Cameron at home) and it's been interesting just having him there. I'm seeing another side to my youngest son. One that doesn't involve him sitting in his room all day long with the curtains closed. Seems morbid doing that. I have to drag him out most days to make sure he's eating...he appears to get lost in there at times.

The boys have been adapting quite well to having Walker around....initially and before his arrival, I know that Cameron was feeling a little under pressure about it. He felt it was going to be left to him to keep Walker entertained. As entertaining as my oldest son can be, I never expected him to take on the responsibility of keeping our special guest amused and busy. The fact that I have to work part time for 4 of the weeks that Walker's here probably had something to do with the way Cameron was thinking.

Ryan turns up when and if he has to basically. On New Year's Eve we hosted a BBQ for some of my friends...Cameron worked that morning, so I was out of bed at 530am and by 10pm I was totally knackered. As happens on New Year's, people move around from place to place over the course of the evening, and by that time (10pm) we only had one person left. And she was well sozzled. I barely hung in there to see the New Year in and then toddled off to bed, leaving my good friend Anne, Walker and Ryan on their own.

While I slept, oblivious to everything else....my friend and Walker had a debate about giving Ryan bourbon. Anne felt that with it being New Years Ryan should be allowed a shot of bourbon. Walker, obviously knowing my thoughts on this, discussed with her at length how Ryan's mother would react to hearing this news upon waking....meanwhile Ryan looked on with much amusement. In fact he even thanked Walker the following day for the entertainment from the night before. Cheeky imp.

I have changed my thoughts on alcohol and my teenagers slightly...I've a feeling I may do so again until I'm sitting more comfortably with it (if that ever happens). I've decided that Cameron being 16 now, can occasionally have a drink when he wants to. He even has a few bottles of premix vodka drinks in the fridge....and besides having a couple on New Years Eve, he hasn't touched them since. He's either forgotten they're there or he's just not interested. I spoke with Ryan the week prior to New Year and again the morning of New Year's Eve...told him that because he's still only 14 that I felt he would need to wait to partake...his time would come. That if he ever felt he wanted to drink alcohol, then he was to come to me and we would discuss what he could have....I'm not going to forbid him to drink completely at this time, and I'm going to keep an open mind about it....but I'm going to try keeping as much control of the situation as I can. He agreed. I have to trust that he will respect my wishes on this.

During the discussion with Anne the other night, Ryan agreed with Walker....obviously he knew how I would feel about it. Apparently Walker went off to use the bathroom and came back to find Anne had a glass set up in front of Ryan and she was holding the bourbon bottle. Now before you all reel with shock at her audacity, she never got to pour it lol. I do believe she did that deliberately to wind Walker up further. As Walker rightly pointed out, neither of them could be making the decision...only Ryan's parents had that responsibility, and seeing as neither of them were present, all other opinions were moot. We already know the man's a smart cookie, right?

Upon waking the next day I got up expecting to find Anne asleep on the couch in the lounge and everyone else tucked up safely in their beds. I rose to find Cameron's bed empty...and the lounge area free of anything even resembling Anne...all that was left was a couple of glasses and an empty bourbon bottle. The other glass being Walker's. I went back to the bedroom to find Walker stirring....he'd had a restless night. Cameron had left the house around 1am and gone to stay at a friend's house for the rest of the night. Noone wanted to wake me up to ask or tell me what was happening. And hey, let's face it, most of you will know by now that if I don't get a decent amount of sleep I'm like a tigress unleashed the next day. Who the hell wants to have to deal with that??

Thus, Walker let Cameron leave the house with his mates....fought off my friend from giving alcohol to Ryan and spent the rest of the night sleeping off and on, waiting for me to wake up so he could inform me of all the going's on. Had Cameron come and woken me up to ask or at least let me know....I would've allowed him to. I like his friends, they're all responsible, mature teenagers...I'd have no worries about him running off to a party filled night of alcohol and debauchery with any one of them. lol

Poor Walker, he hadn't even been in the country for a week and he'd been subjected to making decisions on my behalf about my kids. Considering the circumstances, he did a fine job...I know it wasn't an easy position for him to be left in. On various occasions over the years, I've found myself in similar situations with other people's children. If I ever had any doubts on what their parents would want, I'd stand firm and just refuse, using the "I can't make that decision because I'm not your parent. This is what your parent thinks is happening at the moment, and that's how it's going to be". At other times I've basically told drunken parents that I was taking their child for the night, end of story. Far as I was concerned I was letting them know where their child was going to be, so they needn't worry, that kind of thing. Yes I know it's not a great thing to be telling other parents what I'm going to do with their kid, but in some of those situations, and seeing the expressions on the faces of those offspring, I'd be buggered if I'm going to be leaving them behind to watch their mum or dad falling around in a drunken stupor or worse. Nope, they were coming with me. Right or wrong, I can't leave a child behind when it's obvious they're upset about what's going on around them.

Thankfully I've not been in that position for many years. I've removed myself from places I no longer feel comfortable in. That's one of the advantages of getting older don't you think? We become more aware of what we want to do and recognise that if we're unhappy in the space we're in, we don't have to be there. We begin to handle things differently, with more confidence etc and don't find ourselves sitting around wondering what the hell we're doing there. We discover that it is our decision to change things for the better. I mean, we know this from early on, but with age comes the freedom and power of 'self' to put our thoughts into action.

Some of us discover this early....others, like myself, take some time to understand it. But hey, just because it's takes us longer to realise, doesn't mean it's any less meaningful or satisfying when we finally stumble upon it. I suspect that's what all the hoopla is about when people say they "need time to find themselves". I'm learning things about myself every day, how I react, how I don't, what I want and what I don't etc. What's more, there is just SO many things I still have to learn....and oh my god, will my poor brain stand the test of time? lol

I'm kinda liking this "hoopla" time in my life. It's pretty damn enlightening actually.
Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Bet you thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth huh?

Unfortunately for you...I'm still here lol

As you can imagine Walker and I have been very busy getting reacquainted.

In some ways for me it's been more of an adjustment than I was expecting.

Normally, each day I'm up at around 6am, get my mocca poured, sit down here, check my comments, read your blogs, possibly write a post, whatever.

The past week I'm getting up at 6am....and so is Walker. Why can't he stay in bed longer?? I already know the answer to that question. Because he's not used to being asleep at that time, that's why. It's very strange to have someone else around at that time of the day for me. I told him the other day "I'm just not used to having conversations with someone at this hour of the day".

The second day he was here, we went shopping for the last of the supplies we needed for New Years Eve....we went out at 7.15am to avoid crowds. Seems this is becoming a habit for me of late. Walker said "Right, we'll go do this shopping and when we come home I won't talk to you ok?" lol

I know you don't want a whole lot of sordid details as to what we've been up to, but I will tell you that the very first night....I ended up sleeping in Cameron's bed. And that was purely because he was SO exhausted from flying all that way and not sleeping for almost 3 days, he snored so damn loudly I knew it was better I moved....as opposed to harming one of your favourite bloggers. Keeping you all in mind, and thinking about the hate e-mail I'd get after commiting such a felony....I left my bed at 1.30am and crawled into Cam's empty one. Bet that's not what you were expecting to hear huh? lol Just for the record, he doesn't snore usually....but I'm sure we can all have a bloody good go at lifting the rooftops when we're that exhausted.

Another adjustment thingy I've been dealing with as far as the bed is concerned...I'm getting close to sewing the top sheet to the mattress. The man moves around so much, bunching the duvet and sheets all over the place, it's driving me insane. (I must add, he's making quite the effort to stop doing this.) If there's one thing I can't handle, it's having the sheets all messed and bunched around my feet....they've gotta be smooth....straight....I don't care what the rest of the bed's like....it can be all messed to hell as far as the rest of my body is concerned. But my feet? No, no, no....them there sheets have gotta be smoooooth.

I don't rightly know how he's dealing with having extra people around him at the moment....after reading this post, I may get a better idea via his own blog lol. I do know he's loving Wellington so far. We've been to several lookout spots so he can gaze down on the city at different angles and take pictures. Been out for dinner a few times...had others over here. He's met all my special friends, including my baby-mate, the adorable curly-headed Jaimee. She may look small, and indeed she is, but she has a huge personality...tantrums and cheekiness included.

As Walker's already mentioned in his own post, the wind really battered the house yesterday. We were rocking and rolling around here watching the lawn furniture moving and the limbs on the trees snapping. Once I saw the BBQ cover ballooning up, that was enough to get me dressed and attempt to go and save it. How dare the wind think it can mess with MY barbeque cover??!! I was slipping my shoes on before opening the door...and promptly got told I wasn't going out there, that he would go instead.

In some cases, this would have been welcome and although I left my shoes off and he went outside, I was feeling a mix of emotions about it. I'm used to doing these things on my own, I'm not used to having someone else step in and do them...and I'm certainly not used to anyone else telling me what I can or can't do. Regardless of how kind it was and how much he was concerned for my safety, it still annoyed the crap out of me. Yeah, I get kinda stompy about that.

So, ya see, there's a bit more adjusting to be done for me. I need to relax more and perhaps...just perhaps....let someone else call the shots every now and then. For a successful relationship on any level with anyone, there's always give and take involved right? It's gotta be a control thing going on for me....it usually is. I never realised how much I can dig my heels in when it comes to my personal space and surroundings.

Here you have two strong-minded people...both used to doing things their way, and both not used to anyone else calling the shots besides themselves. I have to say, from outside appearances, he seems to be dealing with it much better than I. Either that or he's just a calmer type of person and I've become anal-retentive without noticing. Bollocks to that lol.

In bed the other night:


Me: "Hey, I just farted"
Him: "That's alright dear"
Me: "Yeah...I can blog about it tomorrow."

See? I may not be here much at the moment, but even in bed you lot are in my thoughts. That's good right? Yeah it's good.

Trust me...*cough*...it's ALL good.