Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reality Finally Gets In the Way

Saying goodbye to someone is nasty. I don't mean the "I'll see you soon, or next time" goodbye, but the final..."goodbye, have a good life", kinda thing.

I did that this morning. I said goodbye to someone I've known for almost 7 years. Someone who had such an impact on my life and some of the changes that came about within it. I've shed tears this morning and feel a great sense of sadness at the loss, but it really did need to be done.

When you meet someone, and things spark off, all seems to be going well and your friendship with them broadens into something stronger, more meaningful. My relationship with this man grew with a swift intensity that knocked me off my feet. The downside? We were 12,000 miles apart. It was foolish of me to think it could go to the next step. He wasn't going to be moving here for good, I had no plans to move there. What was the point in carrying on?

Against the odds, we did regardless anyway....with a whole lot of ups and downs over the years, some of them pretty major upheavals, and after a year of no contact, he got back in touch and we built on that friendship again slowly getting as much of the previous intensity back as we could. Ok, things had changed somewhat, I was a different person, I was less likely to buckle under the emotional pressure, and there ensued some pretty fiery arguments.

There are times when you have to accept that reality has moved from tapping at the window, to virtually bashing the door in and launching itself at you. These things cannot be ignored...the whole scenario has eaten away at me for far too long. How foolish was I to think of a possibility of having more? I knew it, I've always known it, but there was always the hope that one day we'd have the opportunity to see and feel what it was like to be in person together and taking it from there.

Today I voiced my thoughts on what I wanted in my future....I'd say our future, but there I had to face the fact there is no 'our' in my future for us. He was shocked that I hadn't said it all before. I had, I told him last year in September, but he refuses to speak about that time with me now, it's something he's been struggling to get past for almost two years. I hurt him badly today because I felt it was the best thing for me if we called it quits. I asked him if he felt it was wrong of me to want more of/from him...he said no it isn't...so I do know he understands. Understanding it doesn't make it hurt any less for either of us unfortunately. But I can't be sitting around forever waiting...I waited for him for years....and then I waited for someone else, who eventually turned out to be the wrong someone for me. It happens.

What would make him think I was going to be happy to continue our relationship on with the same thread it was over previous years? I must've given that impression, I can't imagine doing it on purpose, but it must've been there for him to see or he wouldn't have assumed it. I so hate it when people assume. I've done it myself plenty before, I know how much egg I've had on my face because of it...never again.

I'm done with waiting...the waiting has been getting to me more and more over the past few of months in particular, and I'm so tired of it. I want some kind of normalcy restored to my life when it comes to getting involved with someone. I don't expect everything to happen in a great hurry and although sometimes I get impatient for it to happen, I really don't need to have anyone rushing at me. I've never felt so single as I have this year, despite him being there to prop me up in the background. Perhaps I've been using him as my safety net all this time? I wouldn't like to think so, but it's possible. Noone likes to think they might be alone...really alone.

I don't want to hear "I love you" anymore unless it can be backed up with something more than a few hours a week of conversation. I want a solid foundation of hope on my horizon in this respect. Doesn't mean it has to be immediate or as intense, but I don't want to hear it just for the hell of it, or because that other person thinks that's what I might need to hear. In this situation, those 3 words have carried him and I a very long way over time, but it's not enough for me anymore. Maybe I'm being selfish? Quite possibly. Am I finally being a realist? I think so.

For one reason or another, I've said goodbye to some special people in my life this year. People who have filled my life with love and a richness I've cherished. This morning I said goodbye to one more. I think I might have finally done the right thing for a change. I've no doubt that as my life continues on, I'll have to say goodbye to others again...my children leaving home, friends moving overseas, whatever...but for the time being, I'm done with goodbyes. They're emotionally crippling and I've had enough this year to last me for ages.

Drop me a comment and give me a hello? I could really do with it right now.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Waiting for Handover...

Last night I discovered the electronic panel on my dishwasher got cooked with the power spike.

Tonight Ryan came out to tell me his stereo won't turn on.

Cameron's surge guard got fried and the subwoofer in his speakers went with it.

As far as I'm aware I've checked every possible appliance in the house now, and I'm grateful that there were only a few that got zapped. With 3 fairly grunty computers and all the paraphenalia that's plugged into them, it's almost weird they survived.

One thing I did learn about myself from this experience though....I think I've just proved myself to be one of THOSE people that really CAN untangle the christmas lights. Calmly and methodically...without ranting or crying...and only because, it just has to be done.

Tomorrow I will ring the insurance agent again and add the extras to the list I've already given them.

What a shame we can't do that with every other part of our lives that needs fixing or replacing from time to time.

One day...maybe....I'll be fortunate enough to hand some of the crap onto someone else for a short time and say "Take this please? I've had enough of dealing with it for now."

But then....maybe...that one day won't ever come.

And if that's the case, then so be it....I'll carry on despite it all anyway.

What choice do I have?

Life can be a bitch like that.
Friday, November 24, 2006

My Hot Box

Don't be smutty, it's not about THAT, sheesh.

It's been a helluva few days and I'm still recovering. Being the TradeMe (NZ's E-Bay) fiend that I can be at this time of year especially, I sent this email off to a seller today.


Hi there!

I'm SO sorry for this late payment! When I first accepted this offer I was just leaving the house and planned to pay for it when I got home. And that's when everything hit the fan. The power's been out for over 12 hours, and after several visits from the electricity board and then my own electrician..it finally got reconnected...which caused a power surge/spike and blew several appliances around the properly including the gas heating unit to my tenancy downstairs.... which meant plumber, gasfitter and electrician, again.

I have had 9 tradesmen traipse through my house in the past 48 hours...9!!!! and although I had forgotten about paying for this shirt by then, in retrospect it could have been due to me pulling out my hair and close to dancing naked around a bonfire chanting at the moon...thus no clothing would have been required. Course, that probably would've caused major emotional trauma for my new tenants, and I can't afford the extra cost of therapy this close to christmas *sigh*

BUT... today, ALL..IS..WELL! Hooray!!!

I know you didn't need to know all that, but it did kinda make me feel good to say it all out loud...besides it's better than hitting the bourbon, which although appealing, would mean I'd not respect myself in the morning.

Right, I feel better now...thanks for listening. Oh and by the way, the amount of $**** (incl P&P) was deposited directly into your bank account about 20 minutes ago...you know?...just in case you were wondering!

Tired and close to mental health admission I thank you for the trade with warm regards


I do hope she believes me, because God knows it's the honest truth. And yesterday when I got home and went to speak to the tenant to ensure his hot water was up and running again, he was in the process of cleaning out his fridge due to the motor in the back getting fried!
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fatal Attraction?

As mentioned previously, my sister has had problems with her husband 'stepping out' with other women in the past. As far as the present is concerned, I have no idea what he's up to. All I know is he still lives in the same house as my sister and their children, and I'd much rather he didn't lol.

What I wanted to talk about is the cheating side of things (yes I know, again). I think we all know, or know of, someone who has been unfaithful to their wife/husband/partner/whatever. If you're in a committed relationship, I'm pretty sure it's expected that you don't drop your knickers for anyone but your significant other.

So, thinking about all the lovey dovey stuff, Bryan Adams and his everything-I-do-I-do-for-you kinda mush...what is it that has someone leaning away from their partner towards someone else? Does this mean that there's something missing in that partnership that he/she is craving and eventually seeks it elsewhere? Is it the excitement and adrenalin rush of doing something you know you shouldn't be? Maybe it's something that just falls into their lap when they're least expecting or wanting it? Maybe they can't help themselves and despite good intentions the pull is too great?

Back to my younger sister for a mo....an attractive woman in her mid 30's, long legged, slim, a smile bright enough to light up a room. She's actually one hot sexy mama....and no I don't want to date her myself, I'm just saying what I see. She also has a scary temper and I can't imagine living with her would be particularly easy...if any of you think I might be difficult to live with, you wanna try dealing with my younger sibling. (She stayed here with me for a month many years ago...oh my God...can you imagine it? Me and her in the same house for that length of time?? I'd rather wear panties infested with tarrantulas before I let that happen again lol.)

What I'm trying to say is, my sister is a lot of that and then some but it didn't stop her husband from straying. My way of thinking is...there are at least two types of 'cheaters'. There are those that wave their goods at all and sundry in the hope they'll get themselves a piece of the single action (or even other married action) and maybe they do it because they need the continuous ego-stroking? Maybe they need to know they've still got what it takes to attract others? Maybe it's all about the thrill of the hunt, a challenge?

Then there are those that are missing something...sometimes it's not always possible to put your finger on exactly what that something is, but they're unhappy at home and need more. Course there are also those that have more of an idea of what's missing too, not only can they put their finger on it, they can practically grab the difficulties with both hands. There is always going to be something that annoys you about the other half right? That's normal. How you both deal with those idiosyncrasies is what's important. If you don't voice or accept the differences eventually resentment can build. Lack of communication can get out of hand, the silence between you screams louder than anything SlipKnot could achieve and you finally realise you've basically become two unhappy people existing in the same space.

Several months ago, one of my readers commented that they felt if the affair is based only on the sex, it can be what saves a marriage. Your partner doesn't want sex for various reasons, your libido want it regardless of what else is going on. You find someone else, on a no strings attached basis, get the sexual relief... there's no longer the sexual tension in your marriage, you can still function as a couple in every other way. There's always the possibility that one of you could get emotionally involved despite the agreement at the onset of this arrangement, and then you have a whole other set of drama to deal with. (*whispers* Watch out for the bunny burners, people.)

When it comes to my sister, I can see reasons why she wants to hang in there with her husband and try to keep going. The children, the financial upheaval, the lifestyle. Leaving your husband or vice versa certainly can turn your world upside down, yours and the children's. I've been there, done that, dealt with the emotional repercussions long after the event. It's not pretty, but in my situation, worth the freedom and confidence that came with it, in the end. Had my ex cheated on me, it may have been a completely different ball game...I may have turned into a bitter, twisted, bitch from hell, plotting his demise. Who knows? Fortunately (for him) that wasn't the case lol.

A male friend of mine has very recently proposed to his girlfriend and she's accepted. Would she have so readily said yes, if she knew of past indiscretions during their relationship? Dunno. His way of thinking is that until that ring is on her/his finger, he's not committed. My thinking on that is...um, no. If you're committed to a relationship, then that's how you're to be. If there's business going on that you're hiding from your partner, then, well, no.

If you're doing something that you can't or won't tell your partner....there's gotta be something wrong with that. You're hiding something from them, and although I don't believe it's necessary to tell them each and every little thing you do throughout your day, this is hardly a little thing is it?

This is just my opinion of course, and considering I don't have a shitload of experience in the matter to go by, it can be taken with a grain of salt, or not taken at all. Every scenario is different, the people involved are unique individuals, who have their reasons. And although there are copious amounts of people out there doing it, there are also copious amounts of people who are not.

More thoughts?
Sunday, November 19, 2006

Post Orchard Post

Last weekend, Anne and I arrived back at the orchard early Saturday morning to help with my sister's garden. This was a stretch of garden very over grown you could only just see the tops of some of the lovely roses and shrubs that were being choked by weeds.

So...we got down on hands and knees, yanked out copious weeds, took a break...back into it, weeding, weeding, weeding, blah blah blah, another break. Neighbour turned up to check on her horse that's grazing on the property....the wine came out and there endeth the gardening 'mission'. It was 1pm lol.

Despite only working for a few hours, I had sore arse and thigh muscles, and my fingers ached due to the length of my nails I think...anyway, I cut them off the following day (the nails that is, not the other bits lol. My fingers get a new found freedom when divested of their long nails, hence the hideously long posts this week lol.)

On Sunday morning, Anna, Jason and Jaimee arrived at 9.15am just after the rugby started. The New Zealand All Blacks were playing against France. Have to say I was starting to feel sorry for the French...what a whitewash. Yay All Blacks, that's my boys! lol

After the ruggers we went for a walk through the orchard (you know...just for something different lol). This was the first time Anna had seen my sister and father for over 9 years...both sides were thrilled to catch up. It was particularly heartwarming for me to see these special people bond so instantly again.

Here's a few shots from the weekend, care of Anne.

Our bedrooms...me on the left, Anne on the right...we're thinking of making up plaques "Lisa's Room" and "Anne's Room" to stick on the outside of the containers lol

The men, hard at work in the garden after the women had clung onto the excuse of the neighbour visiting so they could stop for wine to go do something as equally sweaty and important. (Get a load of my BIL, the man's never out of shorts and flip flops if he can get away with it. Surprising he didn't whack a toe or two off lol)


Jaimee, Jason, Anna and my father. Anna would've been wearing gumboots/wellies too if I hadn't already beaten her to the shoe rack lol. Isn't my Dad fabulous?

A rather tired little girl after the orchard walk...I have to wonder why, she spent most of it riding around on someone's shoulders lol

My favourite (and for the moment my desktop wallpaper lol).

Right, that's enough family stuff for the week I reckon lol. Hope you're all enjoying your weekends and are healthy and happy. *mwah*
Friday, November 17, 2006

Gotta Love Family

Put your feet up and get comfy, it's another long one.

Bit of drama happening with my family at the moment. My younger sister has decided to ask the rest of her family our honest opinion of her husband of 8 years. So far, I'm managed to fly under the radar and the question has not been put to yours truly. If it comes my way, I am not going to like answering it.

As some of you will know, my family is congregating together at the orchard this year for Christmas. My brother is coming over from Australia with his family, my adult nephew will be on the same flight (that bit's hush hush, it's a surprise for his sisters)....my parents are flying up from the South Island, and I can't wait to be with everyone in one place again.

For other reasons I can. My younger sister's husband...he's the least favourite of the family members...in fact he's the only member of the family that the rest of us are uncomfortable being around. My sister has been with this man for over 10 years off and on now....this is his second marriage, he has two teenage daughters from his first...two children with my sister, 6 and 3 years old.

Last year he asked my sister for a divorce. Totally unexpected, dumped it in her lap one morning. He had been having an affair for some time and decided that this other lady was the one he wanted to be with. My sister was devastated. The family of course rallied around to support her. I also remember telling my older sister that should the younger one have the chance to get back together with her husband, and she did, then we would have to support her in that decision. She is afterall our sister. So, we were prepared when the Tosser changed his mind several months later, confessing things went pear-shaped with his 'new' lady. His oldest daughter refused to speak to her father for quite some time, this is exactly what he'd done to her mother. (Not with my sister I might add).

This is not the first time he's been unfaithful to my sister. Several years ago and before they married, he 'ran' off with the lady who waxed his back. He was very conscious of his hairy back and my sister suggested that maybe he should go to a salon and get it removed. Little did she know there was going to be more than just hair missing from her household. When that relationship went tits up, he was back, and she took him in again.

There has been plenty of rumours that this Tosser is still cheating on his wife...they're all hearsay, so I don't know if any of them are true, but judging by his arrogant and smarmy attitude it wouldn't surprise me. He's well known for shooting his mouth off about what he can get away with, in his business and personal life.

Now, my sisters are arguing about Christmas Day. My younger sister has said she's changed her mind and will not be attending. She's also using her children to drive the point home to their grandparents. My mother is upset but has said she will go to her instead....my older sister has asked my mother how she plans to do that, because she has no plans to be driving her to THAT house. *sigh* My younger sister has slowly lost her friends over the years because of her husband, and it seems she's now losing some of her family. In my opinion, he hardly deserves her loyalty. He's certainly not afforded her the same consideration.

There's obviously more involved in this situation...there are years of distrust with this man. My ex husband bought the business he currently still owns from the Tosser....due to an extremely dodgy handover, my ex could've taken him to court and wiped the floor clean with him...his lawyer even suggested it...but he didn't. I have to give my then husband credit for not wanting to cause strife in our family. Especially when I had got to the point of saying "Ok, this has gone too far, I've had a gutsful, take him out" (lol). He refused to, saying "I can't, she's your sister, family is family." Our boys were only young at the time, and I refused to ever refer to the Tosser as "Uncle" to them. The kids have only ever called him by name...as far as I'm concerned he doesn't deserve to have that title or connection to my children.

My older sister's husband is in the same boat. The Tosser is an intelligent man but he's cunning with it...a dangerous combination. He's a successful real estate agent, and there aren't many people up the coast that like him, he steps on anyone that gets in his way. And he gloats about it. Over the years my BIL has done extensive work for Tosser, he's had his plumbing crew go in and completely revamp kitchens and bathrooms in at least 2 of the houses they've lived in. Currently there is an argument going on between them because of one damn toilet...my BIL now wants that toilet back come hell or high water and despite the fact he has God only knows how many toilets at his disposal, the principal of it has become paramount. My BIL wants to "snap the cheating bastard's body in half" unquote. I told him if he can do it without getting caught, then go for it...said I'd even drive all the way up there specially to put the boot in myself *blush*.

Oh well, what's a family without some kind of drama going on in the background eh? I better ring my mother tonight and let her hear from a daughter that's not venting about toilets and such. I'll have to think of a safe subject to chat about...hm, golf...my mother loves playing golf...I'll speak golf with her (google will have to be my friend again today lol)....I'll even avoid saying I'd like to wrap a club round the neck of that son of a bitch.

Right, now that's off my chest, I better do something more pleasant than think about the Tosser...like clean out the cat litter. And if any of you lovelies have managed to read this far, you deserve a standing ovation...*stands up applauding*...."BRAVO! BRAVO!"
Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Do You Mean "Time's Up"?

I was listening to the radio this morning, and I figure it's been a while since I heard something that inspired a post on here, so I've used the radio subject for today. A young lady (24) had written in to say that her boyfriend (22) of two months had dumped her the week before, because he felt that although he was having a great time, lots of fun and he enjoyed her company...he couldn't see a long term relationship coming out of it, said he wasn't in love with her, and he felt that two months should have been enough time for him to come to the "in love" conclusion.

The hosts of the show put it out there for their listeners...is there actually a time limit for falling in love with someone? Various answers were coming back...you either feel it instantly or it's not there...you should give the relationship 6 months before making any decisions about the "in love" thing...you should be able to tell between 6-8 weeks. The majority of the women felt that 6 months should be enough, giving some time for the infatuation/lust part of the relationship to settle for a while...this would also give some time for all those little things the prospective partner does that endears you to them at first, to change into annoying habits that drive you insane.

Quite frankly, I think 6 months is a drop in the ocean to know someone. It takes a bloody long time to really get to know them inside-out. I'm still learning about myself and how I react to different situations, I can barely keep track of all the comings and goings in my own life, am I expected to keep track of someone else's? I know you all think I'm pretty impressive at times, but I don't have eyes in the back of my head you know. Ok, just funnin' with ya, I do really...true story! (I'd hate for you to think I don't know everything *snort*)

Personally, I don't believe there's a particular time limit to come to this conclusion. Each one of my long term relationships have had their own time frame for when I've felt that giddyness. The first was by the end of the week when he told me he loved me...he proposed the following month. The second was over 15 years later and made me feel like I'd been hit between the eyes with a 4X2 in the first 3 days...It took me a good 4 weeks to raise the subject, and then I felt like vomitting lol. The third took longer for me to even notice what was happening, it grew out of a common interest and strong friendship.

Just taking my personal experiences into consideration, surely this would have something to do with my age? I mean, the first started when I was 18...young, carefree and naive...ready to jump in boots an' all, the excitement of it made me lightheaded and breathless! By the time the second one came about I had a marriage under my belt and was less ready to give up my heart so easily. I wasn't going down so quickly again...not without a fight anyway. Eventually I realised the pull towards this man was hopeless and I put my hands up in surrender and allowed myself to tumble off the edge anyway. When the third came along, I'd almost shut down my heart entirely and didn't even notice what was slowly creeping up in the background.

Each relationship has had it's downs and ups, and that's of course to be expected...if you think you can go through life with everything as bright as sunshine and smelling of roses, then would you mind getting a little closer?....



*ahem* There is always going to be some little grumble...him not ringing if he's running late (a pet peeve of mine - years of dealing with a heavy drinking husband that drove on a regular basis)...right down to how they chew their food or leave their pants in a heap every single friggin' night. You do realise they've been chewing that way for many years now right? You know that he always left his trousers in a pile like that forever after right?

Ah, mannerisms...they go from "Oh how cute *giggle*"...to... "Oh for fuck sake, how hard is it to put them IN the laundry basket?? Blah *mutter* blah *grumble* Blah-fucking-Blah...HEY! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME??!" Course he aint, and why would he after that tirade? He's learnt to switch off to the sound of your voice these days...which incidentally may have been one of the first things that attracted him to you. Haha, sucker...you do realise it works both ways don't you? I know YOU know this...it's just a matter of whether you're able to cope with all the ups and downs from either side. Course if those downs outweigh the ups... well, I'd be either trying to adjust the balance better, and if all else fails, I'd be out the door. A good friend once told me "You don't want to get to 80 years old and have any regrets."

Kassi of Kassi's Kingdom said many months ago that it's not so much about whether you can live with them, but whether you're able to live without them (or something to that affect, correct me if I'm wrong Kass)...I've thought about this a fair bit lately. In times of strife, I tend to shut down...I mentally close my eyes to a situation I'm not happy or comfortable with, and forge ahead thinking it will eventually get sucked up into the ether, never to be dealt with again...yay. I don't need to tell you that's a load bullshit...unless you deal with those issues head on, they aint budging...boo. Since when was life ever that simple?

Um...once again I've managed to get way off the subject I originally started out with...shit...er...let's just put it down to one of my 'cute' mannerisms eh? lol I'm sitting here wondering how the hell I'm going to wrap this up by tying it altogether, haha....crap...it aint gonna work.

Soooooo...what do you think? Do you think there's a time limit on when you can see a future with someone or not? Or after a certain amount of time, if you don't feel it, should you give it more time to see where it could go, or bail? And should you secret those thoughts away in your brain vault, or come out and say it to the other person at the risk of upsetting them and jeopardising a possibility? Is it dishonest to keep those thoughts to yourself? If you take the risk and "spill the beans", wouldn't that mean the other person would then be aware of your feelings, and they can give their thoughts too? If they run in the opposite direction, then I would feel confident in saying they feel differently...or maybe they're just a big ol' scaredy cat? lol

And as one of my best mates said to me the other day "There's always a "but" with you Lisa"....Well that's because I'm always trying to see situations from every possible angle right? Analyse, nuture, analyse, destroy, whatever...

Yeah I reckon....but...yeah...*snort*
Friday, November 10, 2006

In Her Face

Not a lot to report really. Went to see the nurse yesterday, who basically ordered I go see the doctor today, so that's where I'm headed. Nothing to worry about, I've been getting headaches the past few days and seeing as I'd run out of my BP medication last week, thought that might be the reason. She smacked my hand for not coming to her sooner lol.

Probably just this time of year...tension, money, lack of sex blah blah blah.

Anyway, I'm away for the majority of the weekend, so will leave you with these pics of Jaimee. I took them last Sunday afternoon and decided they were just too damn cute not to share.


Have a great weekend everyone :)
Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Singing in the Rain

A friend of a friend has been trying to drag me out for a night of Karaoke. He asked me what kind of songs I can sing. I told him I can sing anything just as long as you don't care what it sounds like lol. My teenagers made it obvious yesterday they DO care.

In the morning I opened the curtains in the lounge and it was pissing down outside. Rather than let the depressing weather drown my mood I threw up my arms and sang loudly to my children:

Me: "The sun'll come out...tomorrow...bet your bottom dollar, that tomorrooww....there'll be suuuuun..."

Cameron: "Aw man, what did I do wrong?"

Me: "Huh?"

Cameron: "What did I do to deserve you singing that song, I HATE that song."

Me: "I was just trying to put a little sunshine into our lives, pfft."

Cameron: "Yeah, well not with that song ok?"

Me: "Oh ok...well...any requests?"

Ryan: "I request that you stop singing."
Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend Update

I met NZDanBoy for coffee Friday morning and we went for a wander around the mall, sat in the sun, talked practically non-stop, and eventually ended up here at home, for more coffee and still yacking. I only just made it to my afternoon shift (2pm) on time. What can you expect when you put two gas bags in one place for 4 hours?? (Fizzy? Jo? sound familiar?? lol)

Oh and I better add he left relatively unbruised....I only thumped him once for a stunt he pulled earlier in the week via text message. So all's good. Dan, it was certainly a pleasure to meet you, and anytime you make it to Wellington again please feel free to drop in. By that stage I may have thought up new reasons to give you the bash lol. (The wisecracks in your comment on the post below is a good start!)

I highly recommend meeting someone from your blogroll. That was bloody good stuff, good fun and a lot of laughs. Most enjoyable. So....who's next? lol

In my previous post I was whinging about my Claytons tenant (that's a tenant when you're not having a tenant)...she left me in the lurch on Wednesday. Anyway, I received a phone call Friday before work from another interested party, who came around with his wife and child Friday evening. And started moving in on Saturday! One less thing to think about. Yay!

The clincher on a great day was being able to manouevre myself out of going into town on Friday night. In fact I stayed home and did stuff all but wind down alone after a full day. Again Yay!

Three things that touched me this weekend:

1. After clowning around with my oldest son and saying in a whining voice, that I'm just a Mum...Cameron sounding genuinely astonished "Mum! How can you say that? Being a mother is one of the most awesome jobs you could ever have!" (I stand corrected.)

2. Having this wee mynx hurl herself at me yelling "Aunty Lisaaaa!", when I dropped in to visit Anna and Jason. This young lady is always a ray of sunshine for me...should I ever be feeling a little 'flat', a few minutes in her company is all that's needed to lift my spirits. (I must say the strawberry lip balm I keep in my handbag that she likes to play with helps lol)

Picture 178a

3. A hand delivered mocha at 6.45am Sunday morning during a fleeting visit on his way to Wellington airport, because he drank my last one on Friday. (The fact that he rang first before dropping in, and I insisted he pick it up on the way is besides the point lol.)

Hope your weekends were all just as relaxing and enjoyable, and to those that celebrate Guy Fawkes tonight, I trust you'll end the night with sparks flying and a fearsome bang! (lucky bastards *mutter mutter*)
Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quick Catch Up

First of all, thanks to all those that went ahead and did the survey below. Much appreciated.

Not much to report...hence the lack of posting. Besides, I thought if I left that up long enough, I might get more of you to take the survey lol.

Work has been much the same as usual...although Monday mornings seem to be growing in size. There are only so many hours to fit into one shift ya know? I'm not sure why the Practice Manager thinks that on top of all the extras we have to achieve on a Monday morning, that she can lump other unnecessary tasks to the list (eg. buying 6 mandarins to go with the partners already substantial lunch, wtf??). I told her last Monday that she thinks too much in the weekends about work. She comes in on a Monday with far too many new ideas she feels need to be implemented right then and there. Pfft.

I thought I had a new tenant, but she pulled out yesterday (this after her telling me twice on Sat and Sun last week that she was definitely moving in, and then me finally getting hold of her to find out when she was moving in). It was all go until then. Damn, and here's me thinking I was going to have a 3 month old baby to play with occasionally. Anyway, I'm back in the papers again advertising. This has pissed me off no end because I've already turned away several people interested in coming through downstairs. I will comfort myself with the fact that the flat is soon to be re-carpeted and she'll miss out on that lol.

I've a friend coming down from Auckland this weekend to attend a Stag night he's organised for one of his best mates. He wants to go out on Friday night to 'case the town' for some ideas. And he wants to drag me with him. I loathe going into town...really, I do. While I was whining at a girlfriend over the phone yesterday about it, I said "I really can't be bothered. What would I wear?" Her response? "Pretty undies...oh and clean sheets" ??!!??!! Oh ha bloody ha. I don't even want to go to town with the man, does she really think that means I want to get anywhere near sheets with him?? Not gonna happen.

I also have a bloggy friend coming up from the South Island for the weekend for his daughter's birthday. We'll be meeting up for coffee sometime on Friday morning. Now that's what I prefer. Good coffee, good company, no hassles or expectations, and I couldn't give a shit what I'm wearing lol The only effort I'll put in is brushing my teeth and seeing as I do that every morning regardless, it's easy peasy lol.

That's kinda cool don't you think? I'm actually going to meet someone from my current blogroll! Given the fact that I'm in NZ, and the majority of my blogroll is USA, Canada or UK based, I don't get the opportunity to meet up with you lot very often...or even not at all lol. Will attempt to fill you in about it and let you know how many times I bash him for comments he's left here previously lol.

Right, better make tracks or I'll be late for work. Hope you all have a terrific day/night, whatever it is. Ciao for now!