Sunday, November 30, 2008

We Did It!

I must say I didn't have as much problem this month as I did in July when I tried this, but then I did have a bit to write about, what with the flat crap an' all. Mind you, I had flat crap in July as well, while I was busy trying to rent it, eg. laying carpet, hole in laundry wall due to yet another leak etc.

The boys and I went out this afternoon for coffee. Turned out it was for an early dinner and icecream instead. It's almost like I have to pay them to spend time with me these days. Well, maybe not to that extent, but there's usually a bit of bribing needed to get them out of the house with me.

While we were having our eats this afternoon, we started talking about what we could get each other for Christmas. Several large ticket items were mentioned, way out of our price range, but we were kinda fantasising, so what the hey.

Then Cameron leans over to Ryan and says behind his hand:

"I know...we should buy her a friend, then we wouldn't have to go to the mall with her ourselves."

Although I knew he was only joking, that just topped off my day!
Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Every Day Life

Haven't seen Miss Jaimee for a while, so I must do something about that this weekend. But then I also haven't heard from her, so I'm wondering if they're either away or just been full on busy with life like the rest of us. It's another beautiful day here in Wellington, bit breezy, but that's makes it the perfect washing day.

Got called downstairs to the tenants this morning...that's not unusual, it's rent day and I usually have to go down to them to get it. They never come up here. I heard a few days ago that the husband had to go to the doctor earlier this week because of a chill he apparently got in his back due to the leaky roof. I don't know if that's what actually caused it, but I really am not going to bother investigating it further. They feel that was the cause, so I deducted $70 off the rent for the doctor's visit, and everyone seems happy. They didn't ask for it, but it made me feel slightly better for all the crap they've had to go through since moving in!

The builder rang yesterday to say he would be in first thing Monday morning to replace the ceiling and skirting boards in the back bedroom. Then we can move their bed back in there for the time being. The plasterer/painter may not make it before Christmas, but as long as they can use that room again, they'll be happy...I'll be happy. The rent won't go back to it's full amount again until the room is complete, which may be after the New Year.

I mustn't forget to collect Cameron from the airport this afternoon. He flies in around 5.15pm and I'm looking forward to hearing how his trip went. I spoke to him yesterday morning, he's been staying in a 4 bunk room at a hostel for only $40 for two nights. He said there's only one other person sharing the room with him, and the dude's from Florida.

Ryan's girlfriend is coming to stay for a week soon...she arrives on the Sunday, he thinks she won't be here until Monday. We have nowhere for her to sleep, so Ryan will be sleeping on the couch in the lounge while she takes his bed. Now I need to figure out a way for him to clean up his bedroom before next Sunday, as opposed to Monday, because he will likely feel that a quick spruce around on the Sunday should do the trick.

I had a long conversation with her Mum last night, so we all know what to expect (and what not to expect), and I feel more comfortable now about her being here. It was more of an issue for me because I'm going to be working, Cam will be working, and Ryan will be finished working by then. Two teenagers in the house alone for hours on end, hmm. Not to worry though, I shant feel the need to be on high alert all week, they're both responsible kids...and Dan will hopefully be here for half her visit anyway, so I'm counting on him to get the ruler out and measure distances etc lol

Friday, November 28, 2008

Butter Wouldn't Melt in My Mouth

It's a gorgeous day today. Not a cloud in the sky...lots of birds singing...the delicious smell of BBQ's sizzling and the happy laughter of children playing drifts through the open door of my home.

It's one of those special days...the kind we all love about summer.

(Fuck it, I just realised I forgot to get butter when I was out earlier)

Excuse me for a mo, gotta text Ryan.

Damn, too late. I can hear the scooter coming up the street...there goes that plan.

Speaking of's the one I was waxing lyrical about the other day.

Please excuse the dark circles under my eyes...I did get plenty of sleep last night, that's just the end of day mascara doing it's thing, blah.

Here's the other version of my hat. Not that you can notice much of's disappeared into the wall behind me. Oh well, ya can't say I didn't try.

Just about outta the woods folks, only 2 days to go. (And here's me thinking I was not going to go on and on about needing/having to post this month haha).

Off to cook dinner now. Have fun and I'll see ya tomorrow :)
Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heading for the Home Straight

I'm sitting here trying to come up with something to blog this evening. Only 4 more posts to go...that's including this one. I'm struggling for subject matter...well, more that I'm tired and can't be bothered trying to be witty lol.

A few positive things after yesterday's moan. It didn't rain, so the washing DID get dry. I worked until 8.45pm last night, so sent Cam a text message earlier asking him to get the washing in as soon as he was home. His response? "You are a mean person."

Just for getting the washing in? Sheesh...that kid's gonna get a shock when he's out there on his own next year. I told him that one day he'll answer the phone and all he'll hear is me laughing at him. lol

The insurance loss adjuster finally turned up this afternoon, he reckons the room downstairs will be liveable again early next week, thank God.

My colleague's son has been improving really well, he's out of hospital now, and getting better ever day so I don't have to work tomorrow afterall. Next week may be another story, probably changing shifts around to accommodate for her absence on different days until he's back at school, but that's no sweat.

Cameron's just flown up to Auckland to attend the office christmas party. The company he works for has their Head Office based in Auckland. Cam's staying at a backpackers hostel for a couple of nights. That thought makes me a little nervous and I had to stop myself from shoving a can of pepper spray in his luggage, but hey, he's gotta step out on his own at some point *sigh*

And that's about all I've the time and inclination for this minute. I'm knackered and needing to get to bed, got bugger all sleep last night with all the moaning. It's pretty draining stuff ya know lol
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Would You Like Some Crap With That?

I feel quite down today.

I've just hung out the washing Cameron did last night, but I think it's going to rain. In fact online, the weather forecast says it will rain later but I've hung the bloody stuff out anyway.

While the weather in Christchurch was lovely and possibly too warm for me...the weather in Wellington was blowing gale force winds and lashing rains for a couple of days. There's now a hole in the ceiling of the tenancy downstairs where water came through at around 2am...and wet the bed that the tenants were sleeping in.

The bed that's in the middle of the lounge, because the bedroom is still being worked on. The carpet is now laid, the skirting boards I removed due to them being swollen with water are still to be replaced...and there is only half a ceiling. If I've managed to understand the tenant correctly, the workmen are coming back next Monday to finish that off.

The cat got into my bedroom during my absence and slept several times on my fluffy throw, leaving her nasty cat hair behind. Between her litterbox and her hair everywhere, I am hating the cat more and more these days. I am tempted to tell Cameron to take her with him when he leaves early next year.

The throw is now in the washing machine, to be hung out when done, so it can be rained upon.

I climbed into bed last night and felt like crying...I didn't...but I felt like it! I hated leaving Dan and Lorelei behind. Lorelei is flying up to Wellington this coming weekend for a friend's birthday party...I was hoping to pick up Miss Jaimee from kindy and then head for the airport to be Lorelei's taxi. She's certainly done it enough for me this year. Now it looks like I'll probably have to work on Friday afternoon, so I'll scrap that thought altogether.

That can't be help. One of my colleagues' sons is not very well and she will be unable to come into work the next few days. I'll be working on my own this afternoon, working later than usual tomorrow, and then doing Friday afternoon. I've no problem with doing the extra time, God knows these ladies do cover for me enough, I'm more concerned about her son than anything else. But I am having a pity party today, so it gets lumped in the pile.

Ryan was working solo again at the service station last night. The men that have threatened to physically harm him previously, returned AGAIN...they blatantly filled their gas tanks and practically thumbed their noses at him. This will be the third Tuesday in a row they've turned up. It seems his manager may feel he is being dramatic, and last night the police didn't even bother turning up. I'll go into more detail about this when I can be bothered. It's worth a whole post in my eyes. This particular thing angers and upsets me more than the rest of today's rant.

Right, I'm off to get a break from the house and find me a coffee.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just a Quickie

just about didn't make posting that is, not to home.

Very bumpy flight into Wellington this evening.

Anne collected me from the airport approx 40 minutes after touchdown. Apparently there was a detour through the city. Besides, I had texted her just before we boarded to let her know we were running late, so she was to take her time. I'd rather have me waiting around for her than vice versa.

Came home to the house in a similar state as it was before I went away (but with hot water, hooray). The rest of it will be in order before I go back to work tomorrow afternoon. I'm practically looking forward to it...I know, odd.

Ryan has handed his notice of resignation into the service station, and I have to say I'm pleased about that. I'll fill you in more another time.

Cameron was cooking his delicious beef/garlic/seasame seed combo something-or-other when I walked in the door, so house reeks of the smell (nice smell though).

Hopefully all will be back to normal tomorrow. That'll depend on what's been happening downstairs in my absence and whether or not I can be bothered dealing with any of it.

The time I spend with Dan seems to go terribly's the only thing I loathe about any time I spend with him. It helps to know he'll be flying up here in a couple of weeks.

Ciao for now :)
Monday, November 24, 2008

Invalid, but Valid All the Same

No post today.

I'm too tired.

It's too hot.

Maybe I'm getting too old.

I did say "Maybe.."

Ok, I'm just feeling too

As you were.
Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's THAT Big??

I'll confess I had a slow start to my morning. This was due to the 5 bourbon and cokes I downed last night. In my defence...they went down really well and kept going that way...and it's not like I had anywhere to it was all good. I didn't have a hangover this a.m., however, as mentioned earlier, I was moving slower than usual.

We went to the Riccarton Market today. Totally enjoyed that. Bought myself what I think is a fabulous hat...mainly because it actually fits my head. MY head!

Thanks to my Dad, I have a rather large's a polynesian thing I think. Commonly referred to as "Boonga" syndrome. Ok, that's just my take on it, but whenever anything on me is bigger than usual European standards, I blame my Boonga roots.

Boonga affectionate term for polynesian, you understand. Anyone that's met me in person will notice immediately that I am a Boonga, through and through. Wide feet: check. Hula hips: check. Large head: check. Wide smile: check (unless I get pissed off, then frowny face: check CHECK check).

Back to my remarkable new sun hat. Not only does it fit my head, it is reversible, so I have two hats in one. Black or white. Brilliant!

To avoid being mistaken for an aged lawn bowler, I imagine I shall be wearing the black side more often.

Dan suggested earlier that I put it on, he'd take a pic and I could post it. That woulda been ok if he wasn't already asleep on the bed beside me...yes, I'm aware of the time lol.

See you tomorrow :)
Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pushing the Buttons

Busy day today. Early start with breakfast at the casino here in Christchurch. 7.30am. Lovely breakfast buffet and then had a fiddle around on the slot machines. Do they still call them slots? We call them "Pokies" here, which is interesting in's not like you get poked while you're playing them is it? God knows there'd be a shitload more people addicted if that were the case. Lines and lines of people backed up around the corner waiting to get in. Come on, you know I'm right.

There's a possibility we call them pokey machines (not to be confused with hokey pokey, although half of you won't even know what that is...a flavour of ice cream and more recently chocolate. Oh, how about the hokey tokey? put your left foot in, put your left foot out, you do the hokey tokey and yadda yadda yadda, or something) here because you're (not necessarily YOU, but just you run of the mill people (not calling you run of the mill you understand) people in general, normal, every day people, you KNOW??! Shit...*bashing head on desk*...why must I feel I need to continually explain myself? I'm well aware my readers are all bright switched on hoochey mammas, and dadas, whatever).

Fuck *cough* Where was I?

Oh! Pokey machines...probably called that because people.who.use.them are always poking money into them, not to mention poking the buttons to spin the whatsamacallits on the screens. Which is what we did a little bit of this morning. Funnily enough, I lost no money whatsoever. Read that? Lost NO money at all. None. That's cos it was Dan's money haha. In fact Dan won $125, his daughter won um around $80...and we'll stop there and just let me ride along on their winning coattails. And we won't try calculating how much Dan won after factoring in how much I lost, k? Cool.

I think the quote of the day needs to go to Dan's daughter (it'll be nice one day if I could actually use her real name...or perhaps we could give her a pseudonym? something really cute and sassy, like her.) Anyway, after spending most of the day out of home (oh don't give me that look, we were not at the casino all that time)...we got back and Talulah asked (you like that? Taluuulaaah? no?)...ok, err, Amber (yeah that'll do, directly outta the mouth of the subject haha)... anyways,

Amber: "What are we having for dinner tonight?
Talulah (not really, it was me): "Are you hungry already?"
Amber: (not her real name either): "No, I just wanted to know what was for dinner."
Me (wanting to be called Talulah but blown my cover long ago): *walking into house* "Err, how about cheese on toast?"
From behind me I heard Amber (truly not her name) say...and I (Talulah-wannabe), am assuming she was looking at her father at the time...

..."Noooooo, Lisa's here, we have normal food when Lisa's here!"


PS: Thought I better come back in and tell you what we're having for dinner tonight...Dan is in the kitchen jiving about with the food as I type. Pork schnitzel, new baby potatoes and salad. After everything we've eaten today, cheese on toast woulda be A.O.K with me! lol
Friday, November 21, 2008

A Good Steal

It's midday and I'm being very quiet.

I know that sounds unusual for me, but I really can do it you know.

Dan's been asleep since about 6am...pretty good for him, he's a bit hopeless on the sleeping stakes. I suspect after 7 nights of doing this shift he's exhausted. Poor lamb...(altogether now...."Awwwwwwww").

Did the washing and ran out of is that possible? There's two of them living here, do they take turns at hanging out their washing? Anyway, I took some money off his bedside drawers, bought some pegs, and a couple of other important things *pushes new cellphone hastily in pocket* just kidding.

So, so far today, I've stolen his money, stolen his truck (bloody hell, I was magnificent driving that hulking damn thing haha so proud *beam*) and been tiptoeing around the house so as not to wake him. Like silently ninja-ing off into the night...but it's light...and I'm not really that good at doing the silent thing.

Don't matter anyway, the man would sleep through anything short of a sonic boom when he sleeps like that. I could dance naked around the bedroom singing the Hallelujah Chorus at the top of my lungs and he wouldn't notice. I KNOW! Hard yakka not to notice me I can tell ya.

But anyway, I'm about to naff off with the vee-hi-kill again and find a mall (oh bliss heh), and someone to give me a pedicure (once again with the bliss thing).

Ta rah.
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rambling Drivel

I've spent the last couple of hours messing around not doing much...pretty much just about anything else except blogging. It's not that I'm avoiding you, it's just that when I'm not at my own keyboard everything feels different. You know what I mean? Different desktop or laptop, things are in different places etc. I have to get my bearings first before I can sit down comfortably and try to get my groove going.

My groove...such as it is at the moment. I'm not good with change ya know? lol It can take me a couple of days to get comfy. Not in the house, I don't have a problem with that. I'm used to where most things are. Although I did come out of the kitchen tonight while cooking dinner and declare "Wherever we all are in the future, we are having gas hobbs." It wasn't a question, it's happening.

Electric hobbs...have to wait for them to warm up, etc etc. I get bored standing around waiting for everything to heat up to the right temperature, waiting for it to cook on one side before turning blah blah blah. Boredom sets in, it feels like all the action is happening in the lounge. I head there, stand chatting, more blah blah blah...and have to rush back to the kitchen in case the dinner burns. That kinda thing.

Dan's on night shift again tonight...when I flew in last night he was already at work (his lovely daughter kindly collected me at the airport.) He crawled into bed this morning around 5.45am. That's when we got to say our hellos, have a bit of a chat, have a cuddle (oh settle down, it was just a cuddle, family site an' all that), snuggle down together and go (back) to sleep.

We've had a nice relaxing day, visited with friends, sat in the sun (bit obvious now looking at my Rudolph nose)...and before he went to work this evening I think he must've had all of 4 hours sleep. 2 hours this morning, and a couple more earlier tonight. Thank goodness this is the last night shift for a while.

I'm knackered, I'm rambling and I'm sure I've said stuff above you're barely interested in...BUT the more important thing here is that I've posted. It is to me right now anyway lol.
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost There

Not much time today. Going out to get a half leg and under arm shortly (God, why does hair have to grow back all the time??).

Haven't heard from the loss adjuster about the room downstairs as yet. That's bugging the shit out of me. The insurers knew I was going away tonight and told me they'd get someone here beforehand.

I'd rather be the one having to deal with this, than lump it on Anna (see pic - Anna's body, baby-to-be Payten, and of course the cheeky Jaimee)...who now has all the information she needs, including the various phone numbers.

If that brother stresses her out in any way I'll tear his head off (ok, I won't, but I'll do something equally nasty.)

I have to pack yet, I'm working until 8pm tonight and flying out at 9.15pm (all going well and I make it to the airport in time haha, let's not tempt fate by mentioning that. The doctor's been told she HAS to run to time tonight lol.)

Have a good day/night and I'll catch you from the south island tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've Got Hot Water!

Ring the papers!

Tell the world!

oh yeah, I just did  (heh).

Steve couldn't make it yesterday, but he turned up today with the gas fitter.  They installed the new hot water thingy...squarish thing that attaches to the wall on the outside of the house.  Hear that? the outside.  That means not even the remotest possibility of flooding inside. Brilliant.

I had the first shower in my own bathroom since Friday and it was bloody magnificent.  Well, it was for me anyway.  Thank God that part's fixed.  Now I can fly south tomorrow knowing the boys will be clean...well, hope the boys will be clean anyway.
Monday, November 17, 2008

But Wait...There's More!

Is it my imagination or are the word verification "words" getting easier to deal with? There once was a time I'd have to type the damn group of letters about three times to get it right...these days they're practically words. Not necessarily real words, but a group of letters that you can at least pronounce even if you do sound like a plonker pronouncing them.

The last few times I've commented on someone else's blog (because it would really be the height of narcissism to keep doing that on my own)...I've had "leele" and "foose", throw in a "stizesse" and even a "bmaac" is practically friendly on the mouth and ear. They've changed something haven't they? They must've done it when I was AWOL a while back and not watching things so closely.

And another thing...have you noticed the "following" thing? I mean, I used to rely on to keep me up to date with what you lot were doing and saying. Blogrolling seems to be having some kind of tantrum at the moment, so it's not as reliable as it was (I sympathise with them, really I do, it appears they're having major probs). The biggest shame about this for me, is that I can't add the extra blogs I've been reading to my sidebar.

Well I could if I was gonna be bothered typing things out in full again...more to the point, if I remember how to get amongst my template and do it. *shudder*   BUT...then I noticed the "Add" icon on the dashboard. I've added you all to it...blogspot waved it's magic wand...voila!...and now I only need go into the dashboard and it shows me when you've updated, with a link to that particular post. Man I love technology.

Unfortunately, private blogs don't do RSS feeds (goodness, what terrible snobs) those ones I still have to go look at, but that's hardly an issue, my mouse still works, as does my finger, besides you're worth it.  AND, it also says on my dashboard how many people are following me! my, two...TWO! My grateful thanks to Gary and PBS for making me feel loved...what happened to the rest of you?? lol

And you know what else? You can follow someone's blog either publicly or anonymously. That's right, like a hidden camera, the blog owner isn't even aware you're keeping tabs on them. How spooky and big brother-like is that? I believe it also lists on your profile which blogs you follow, which is cool. Check my profile thingy out and see. If you're not on the list it could be because you're a private blog. If you're not private and not on the list, it could be I was foolish enough not to add you. Please don't take it personally, I have had a fair bit on my mind recently. But even so, make sure I'm aware if you're not there, give me a slap, I'll bow and scrape, and then add ya, no sweat.

Anyway, these two particular features have been making my life a little easier of thank you's much appreciated that you continue to fine tune your lovely self!
Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Hero

I had plans to mow the lawn this afternoon and use the weedeater down the driveway, around the steps, wherever weedeaters do their best work etc. I told Cameron he was going to help me. He could either mow the back lawn or use the weedeater. He opted for the mowing.

Turned out I couldn't even get the bloody thing started. After yanking away for what felt like ages...tried pulling the cord on different angles...held my mouth different ways...switched switches, pumped pumps, whatever. Anyway, thinking I'd flooded it, I left it alone for a while and went to cut down one of the noxious weed bushes that is persistent on coming back to life with a vengeance whenever I cut them right back.

See, I thought it would be a good idea to get rid of that particular bush today because it was obstructing the gate between me and the property next door. The property next door which houses a man who I often see or hear using his own mower and weedeater. I figured I take out the obstructive bush, get through the gate, go lick Scott's boots and he might start mine for me (weedeater, not boots). Pah, my pride got in the way...besides I started it last time, I know I can do it!

I picked it up again. It still refused to start. I pumped the button again, made sure it was on...I'd only just filled it with 2-stroke petrol, so I knew it wasn't fuel. Cameron had a go...he's always better at starting those pulley things than I am....but nope, nothing. I took the cap off the spark plug and heads together, we peered inside.

Me: "Do you have a tool that'll fit around the spark plug?"
Cameron: "Er, Why?"
Me: "Because then we could get it out.
Cam: "And how's that gonna help?"
Me: "Well, we could remove know, blow on it, wipe it with a rag, put it back in."
Cam: "Is that the right thing to do?"
Me: "I dunno but that's what they do on tv."

He went back to mowing. Then he got annoyed that he had to keep moving the 20 metre cord around, flicking it this way and that to avoid mowing over it.

"Who's idea was it to get an electric mower anyway?"
"Mine obviously...the petrol engines are too heavy for me to push around on that slope...and anyway I'd probably not be able to start that either."
Expecting him to come back with something to the tune of..."Well I would've done it."...smirking, he replies...

"Nah, you'd be just fine underestimate yourself."
Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Hot Water to Get Into

Just realised that yesterday's post was my'd think I'd have something more profound to write about than the roof falling in wouldn't you?...well that is kinda what happened, and as you'd expect, it did take up a fair amount of my thoughts.

Today is not really that much different, although some progress has been made.  The carpet's not as wet as it was, the floor beneath it's been scrubbed, skirting and smooth-edge has been removed, the heater blower thingies are heating and blowing.

Yesterday while the water was gushing through the ceiling, the two ladies that live downstairs, plus their brother, went down to the service station to see Ryan.  Ryan, completely unaware of what was happening at home, was duly informed and told that I had asked them to go and see him.  What the hell??  Why on earth would I do that?  I'm hardly going to send them to his work place to put pressure on him am I?  Did they think he had a magic wand that would stop the water pissing out of their ceiling? 

This afternoon I became more and more annoyed at my tenants brother and the feeling that he was trying to manipulate me.  He kept talking about the inconvenience caused, the cost of the electricity that the heaters were using up, the fact that his brother works long hours at a supermarket.  I understood where he was coming from and told him could I not? It's not like I couldn't relate to it.  This has been a very unfortunate that's left them without the use of one room...and us without hot water for a few days.

I offered to further decrease the rent to help compensate (I decreased it a small amount per week not long ago when they asked)...he didn't seem to hear anything that I was saying...he never acknowledged any of it.  I suspect that's because I wasn't saying what he wanted to hear.  I can't dry the carpet or walls/ceiling any faster than what's happening in there at the moment...I can't make the builder, carper layer, whatever all turn up tomorrow and finish everything.  I think he's being unreasonable.  Chances are I'm going to lose a couple of weeks rent completely, so I'll just suck that up. 

When he was talking to me this afternoon, he finished off by saying that the other option was they find somewhere else to live.  I told him I was doing the best I could under the circumstances, I would lower the rent to the market rate of a 1 bedroom flat until the second bedroom was back together the way it was when they moved in.  When I walked out - which I did fairly the end of the conversation, I was ready to burst my own dam...which I did by ringing Dan, waking him and crying down the phone, blah - I still didn't know what the brother wanted from me.  I came back upstairs very frustrated.

I've just spent the best part of 40 minutes waiting for my laptop to install service pack 3, and thinking I couldn't have anything else open at the same time, sat here reading my book (Michael Connelly's, Echo Park) patiently.  I gave up.  It's way late and I want to go to sleep.  My bum has already done that because of the position I've been sitting in for the past 40 minutes.

Seems these days all I talk about is how late it is, how tired I am, and how I wish I was asleep lol.  I'll apologise for how messy these last couple of posts in particular have been.  Long-winded, kinda disjointed...that's me trying to get used to using my laptop again.  By the way, I cut all my fingernails off a few days you know how/why these monumental posts are turning up.  I feel such a sense of freedom when I cut my nails off lol.

Ah crap, I'm doing it again.  Night! :)
Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting in Hot Water

I had a rather cruisy morning, messed around at home and although I thought I had something else I should have been doing, I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was.

Do you know what I mean?  It's like being restless, wandering around the house, can't put your finger on it kinda thing.  Anyway, my godson's school was have a twilight gala tonight, and it started at 4pm.  I decided that was as good a place as any to go, left the house around 3.15pm and collected Jaimee from daycare on the way.  I figure she'd enjoy toffee apples, candyfloss, and the like...all that good stuff her Mum would go bananas at me about later (well possibly behind my back anyway haha)

Unfortunately, not long after arriving at the gala I had a phone call from my tenant's brother (he speaks the better english out of the whole family I believe).    I listened in alarm as he went on to describe that there was water coming from the ceiling in their back bedroom.  I rang Jason who rushed over (what else could he do really, I had his daughter) hot water cylinder was dead...well, it was leaking...ok, it was furiously emptying itself onto the floor, through the suspended ceiling downstairs and all over the newly laid carpet.

Yep, it was utterly pissing down.  By the time I arrived there were buckets and containers all over the floor, their mattress and box spring, duvet etc were outside, drying in the sun (see?there's a positive, it could have been raining today, but no, glorious sunshine, yes!)  The mother took me in and showed me the damage.

"Lisa...oh.God" she says in her adorable indian accent (you can all hear that right? too cute)

I spoke to my insurers, who sent along a charming young man to suck all the water out of the carpet and set up his loud blow-drying machines to help dry out the wall/floor/ceiling, you name it, it needed drying *sigh*  There's now a large hole in the ceiling where he's ripped out a lot of the gib board (driwall? I think some of you call it) and insulation.

Anna was here before me and had helped the ladies downstairs carry out their mattress and bed.  She kept saying "I can't believe you're so calm about this, I would be panicking and flapping about like crazy"  I was upset but I felt ok.  I figured insurance would sort this out, they'd get it done fairly quickly...I couldn't stop something that had already hapened, no point in getting all strung out about it.

Once I realised the actual hot water cylinder needed replacing and not just fixing, well that made the blood pressure rise a little.  That's a costly exercise, one I can ill afford.  So, I rang my sister hoping I could speak with my brother-in-law (you know, famous BIL of the orchard?)...he owns a plumbing business, he has contacts, maybe he'd allow me to pay off a replacement cylinder?  It wasn't until Diane said she'd pass the phone to Steve and I could speak with him that my cool reserve fact it kinda sat at the top of the slide and pushed off yelling "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" down the slope.

I couldn't talk to Steve, I ended up bawling and hiccuping down the phone at Diane, who had guests over for drinks/nibbles, and said to me "Now Lisa, don't you be making me cry in front of these people".   I managed to get out that I'd ring in the morning, between sniffing and cry/laughing we agreed this was a better idea.  Shit.  5 minutes later Diane rings back, she'd spoken to Steve who said not to worry about anything, they'd get it all sorted on Monday.

Cool.  I can cope with that.  No hot water this weekend, but that's ok...we can shower elsewhere, easy peasy.  Unfortunately the dishwasher won't work now, so I'm gonna have to boil the kettle and do dishes the old fashioned way lol.

Oh, hey, I'm sitting in bed with my laptop on my new laptop tray thingy right now....not to mention my new USB wireless adaptor...that's because I couldn't be bothered sitting up at the PC in the lounge.  This is kinda cool, I could get used to this.

Anyway, gotta go, I'm stuffed and I'm going to be up early tomorrow....I'll be downstairs washing the floor, not to mention, removing the skirting boards and um, what is that stuff called that goes around the edges of the carpet?  you know, they hammer the carpet to'll come to me eventually.  Whatever it is, I'm removing it, so it hardly seems worth talking about considering it's not going to be there tomorrow.  (Christ it's so obvious I should be sleeping lol).

Here, something sweet to end the post with.  The extra sunshine in my day, (the kind that has nothing to do with the weather).  Young Jaimee who had her face painted with "boom hearts" this avo and rather quickly I might add, because the painter could overhear the conversation I was having on the phone re waterfall.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Quick Dip

Bloody hell, almost forgot!

And saying that, now that it's 9.30 something, I've got nothing to write about. Well, I have, but I'm knackered and I'd rather be climbing into bed to read my book.

Which I'm about to do.

But, first, see this photo? These girls are from one of the colleges in Wellington city. These young ladies are all 6th formers (year 12) and apparently in the 7th form they don't have to wear uniforms. It's been tradition for some time that to mark this fabulous milestone, they put on their uniforms for the last time and jump off the wharf into the lagoon near Wellington Harbour.

Why am I bothering to tell you about this? No particular reason really, except yesterday afternoon, not long after this great tradition had been accomplished, I looked up from behind my reception desk to find about 5 of these lovelies walking through the door.  Carried amongst them was another, who had cut her foot so badly it needed stitches. And from what I heard, she wasn't the only one needing medical attention.

Having fun makes you laugh, and laughing is good for the soul, in fact we all know it's renowned for being the best medicine there is. I'm sure the outcome of yesterday's foolhardiness was going to be known as something else.  

Shit I sound like a grumpy old bag.

That's all. Time for bed!
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What? How? Why?...err... WHAT?!

So to follow on from yesterday. The phone call on Wednesday night at work.

Me: "Good evening, Blah Medical Centre."
Ryan: "Lisa?"
Me: "Yep, hi honey, what's up?"
Ryan: "Oh right, hi Mum. Would you mind if I moved out tomorrow?"

*brakes squealing...metal colliding...hubcap spinning...*


Mentally...I reacted like this:

In reality it was more like this:

Because, you know, I'm dark skinned.  So in my mind I was exactly like this second picture.  Except I carry a lot more, I'm not actually as dark as this lady...oh, I'm older than her of course...and I don't have a tiara...but I've always wanted one.  AND...she looks like she's playing at being a tiger...we all know how gorgeous and powerful those big cats are...which is kinda sexy. I never role play wild animals but whatever floats your boat. We could be identical twins, yeah?  I thought so too.

WOULD I MIND IF HE MOVED OUT TOMORROW?? He's given no indication that he was even thinking about it. Of course there's always been the idea that eventually it would happen...he knows, I know...but not even a warning whisper that he would be going in the next 6 months or so. I ask you! There would've been less impact if he'd kicked me in the stomach *sad face*

I sat in a quiet waiting room trying to breath and realising I was in the safest place should my heart really chug to a halt. My God, I actually felt like bursting into floods of tears...I'm such a baby...but he's my baby. Then I started raging on the inside "Are you fucking kidding me??!" but I calmly responded "I need more details Ryan"...which he couldn't seem to give me. I told him we'd discuss it further when he got home. I finished at 8pm, he finished at the service station at 10pm.

I rushed off to see the nurses, panic in my voice, "Is there any way I can make him stay at home? You know, like is it illegal for him to go off on his own at 17?" What an idiotic question that was, I left home at 17 myself, but I won't be divulging that gem to him.

We both get home, and I get to hear more. Apparently some 21 year old slut young lady comes into the station each day/night to buy a cookie (ffs) and she was asking him if he knew anyone who needed a flat because she was looking for a flatmate. My youngest had obviously decided he could be seen in the role of "Knight in Shining Armour" (yet he's such a love for tigers, you'd think he'd visualise himself as Tarzan) and told her he might possibly be able to help. Bet he didn't tell her he was gonna ask his mother first.

I guess the main thing is that he did ask. He didn't just bugger off. It warms me some that Ryan continues to ask if he can do things...stay out overnight, go into town for the day etc. Cameron has practically stopped asking me at all (unless it involves the house), he's at the point where he just tells me he's going out or taking off to do whatever. But Ryan is still asking, and you can bet I'll be trying to hang on to that respectful innocence as long as possible. After we'd spoken about the more practical side of moving and money, he pretty much chucked the whole idea. I think. I'm not entirely sure, but I'll not be taken so unawares next time.

I tell ya, I'm fed up with feeling the need to steel myself against what might come out of their mouths next, but at least it gives me some emotional padding before the big one drops. That'd be empty house syndrome or whatever you want to call it. Chances are, once it happens, I'll love every minute of it...or so they say (once again with the "they" sheesh BASTARDS!)

I started this blog when my kids were 15 and 13, now they're 19 and 17...besides all the crap I've been in and out with as far as the men side of my life is concerned (and of course all the lovely stuff too, can't be forgetting that), the biggest changes around here are in my children. Where on earth did all that time go? (stinky cliche I know but seriously, where??)

Damn, look how long this post is?? If I was cunning enough I could've dragged it out for another couple of days. Crap. It seems NaBloPoMo's doing some magic and allowing me to spit and ramble on here, whilst leaving my children relatively unscathed. Poor darlings. And bless you dear reader for continuing to be here. Gold star for the lot of ya's!

No Way!

My teenagers are becoming more and more independent these days...I know it, I celebrate it and when I fly off down south to see Dan, I utterly embrace it. It's been a gradual process. First going into town on their own to meet mates, then staying overnight with said mates, flying north to be with other mates etc.

Cameron says he's leaving home soon. First draft of that thought, was in last month. He reckoned as soon as he'd finished his exams he'd be outta here. He asked me this weekend "I'm sorry but I won't be leaving now until January, so I hope that's alright with you Mum." I never expected him to be gone in October, but I wasn't going to tell him that. January is gives me a bit more time to get used to the idea.

However, I will have to control the urge to gut his bedroom, paint it and use it to my benefit the day after he moves out. I say this only because I'm not sure how long he'll be gone for. What IS an appropriate amount of time before I'm allowed to go get jiggy with that space?? I could wait 3-6 months, then pull it to pieces...and sod's law, he'll ring the following week and say he needs to come home. To be honest, I'm not sure he will...I suspect once both of my kids take it upon themselves to go, they will be gone. Finito.

So, I'm braced to be losing my 19.3 year old in the New Year. I shant be arrogantly laughing at his audacity to leave me...and I won't be spitting in the face of his future landlord either...I might want to, but I won't. I will not even throw myself at the floor, grab his ankle so he has to drag me along while trying to shake me off as I wimper "No, please, stay, I can't live without you."

No, no, no, dear readers, that's not gonna be me. Hell, I eat iron shavings sprinkled on nuts and bolts for breakfast...a splash of acid and I'm good to go. I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman. I digress. Whatever.

The relationship I have with my 17.8 year old has already been changing in leaps and bounds on the positive network, so I'm looking forward to enjoying more time with him...if he permits it of course. Goddamn, when did it happen that I have to be polite and respectful while desperately hoping he wants to spend time with me?? Demanding "Because I said so!" just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. All that does is begin The Great Debate...I'm just too old for that shit now ya know?

Saying all that, nothing could have prepared me for the phone call I got at work last Wednesday. More tomorrow.

Cheating? Who's cheating??!!
Monday, November 10, 2008

Lickety Split

I've been told I'm not allowed to post this is going to have to be our secret ok?

Besides, I'll make it quick.

Saw the doc this afternoon, he's happy with my BP (140/80), he upped my Tegretol medication and I have to go for blood tests in the morning to check there isn't something else behind the odd turns I had this past weekend. (Funnily enough, I had another this evening, but not quite as bad, so things are lookin' up.)

Ryan was gone for the night, so Cam and I went out for dinner because I couldn't be bothered cooking and thought maybe I needed a piece of good red meat in me. Perhaps my iron's down, dunno. Seems all I'm eating lately is chicken or fish. Which is ok...I like chicken and fish, but the steak was worth a shot and I bloody enjoyed it lol.

Um...what else? Oh yeah, Fizzy? practice manager said a similar thing about the possibility of migrane. Apparently you can have all those symptoms without actually having a headache. Learn something new every day :)

Oh, and I've got tomorrow off. So I'll be able to sloth around at home for another day, hooray! Course, it would be more fun if I felt better, I'm so damn vague I have trouble following my own conversation lol.
Sunday, November 09, 2008

Do You See What I See?

(Oi, check out my very cool NaBloPoMo icon over there on the right. Beauuuutiful huh??! Made specially by the one and only lovely Jo. Not especially for me...but for her...yet she very kindly let me steal it. Which I guess could now make me an abnormal thief. See if I care. Whatever. She said "Yes"...and I said "Alrighty!" Thanks Jo :D )

Last night I was on NZ's version of eBay, which is called TradeMe, trying to win myself one of these, and I had a seizure. The kind of epileptic seizures I have aren't the convulsing sort, they affect my vision (akin to looking through a kaleidescope) and my brain can't seem to send the right messages to my mouth. Or in other words, I can't talk properly, I slow right down, I can't remember what I was talking about and will pause mid sentence struggling to finish of with words that make sense.

Most of the time I stop talking altogether and sometimes even freeze, practically holding my breath until it passes. Each one generally lasts only 10-15 seconds. Last night's one was prolonged and I thought I was going to pass out. I had a horrible feeling of nausea sweep up my body and I also thought I might vomit. Thankfully I didn't do either but it did give me a bit of a fright. (I did however win that Laptop tray but only because Dan was keeping an eye on it at the same time and we were on the phone. When the flurry of bidders rushed in at the end my seizure was just starting to wind itself up.)

A couple of hours ago, I had another one. Almost identical to last night's. Ryan and I were in the middle of a conversation, just basically hanging out and chatting, and it started. The distorted images, full on nausea, light-headedness etc etc and I eventually opened my eyes to find Ryan getting up close and personal, saying "Mum? Are you alright?" (The things I do to prove to myself that kid cares for me, haha!) While I was busy scaring the crap out of myself, I'd obviously given him a fright too, poor sod.

I've been feeling quite lethargic and odd the last couple of days. Like I'm dragging myself around...very unmotivated. There's been a feeling of having to force myself to do anything, like I'm exhausted, yet I shouldn't be. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary recently so I can't blame working double shifts or lack of sleep, which can sometimes be the reason behind them.

I've rung the Practice Manager and bunked off work tomorrow...if I still feel like this in the morning, I'm not going to be much use to anyone. It's better I let her know now, than wait and see how I'm doing at 6am tomorrow. Far easier for her to get cover for my shift today, than have to ring around early tomorrow morning waking people up.

I'll take myself off to see Dr Tim tomorrow and let him fix me. I suspect it may have something to do with the new BP meds he started me on a couple of weeks ago. The nurse did say it would take 10-15 days for them to get into my system sufficiently, and it's either that, an uncanny coincidence or I've turned into an attention-seeking nutter, whoot!
Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mutiny on the County

Today is New Zealand's general election, so I took myself off to the voting booth and cast my ballot. I have to say that the American election has considerably paled New Zealand's for me (and probably many of us). I had far more interest in the US Elections...I almost forgot I was supposed to vote today.

I was so pleased to see Obama won. I'm not an avid follower of politics at all. I wouldn't have a clue about left wing, right wing etc, it all comes together as blah blah blah in my head. I read an article in Time Magazine last month that only confirmed my thoughts on Obama being the right man for the job. He seems a very humble person and his victory speech further strengthened my view.

I felt McCain's speech was gracious and respectful. What on earth could he have been thinking to make that woman his wing 'man'. I find it hard to believe that people would vote for someone that obviously needed to spend time taking care of her own were those that voted for her expecting her to look after theirs? I cringed every time she opened her mouth. This is of course only my uneducated political opinion, but shit, ya know?

ANYWAY...I grew up in a staunch Labour Party household. My parents supported Labour for many years and I, not having a political bone in my body, voted right alongside them. I've always voted Labour because of it, always. Until today.

Today I defected, I crossed enemy lines and cast my vote for the National Party. I stood in the voting booth staring at what I felt were my only two choices amongst a list of various parties and almost puked when I ticked the National box lol. The lady in the booth next to me, looked over and said "Well that was just too easy." I didn't bother asking, I'm sure you're not supposed to, so I don't know who she voted for...but I didn't find it easy at all.

I was hoping to have some kinda milestone moment with Cameron, now that he's old enough to do the deed. I was going to proudly walk in beside him as we went to vote together haha. But nope, he wouldn't get out of bed when I wanted to go. Besides he already thinks I'm daft enough, he would have been mortified if I tried taking a photo of him dropping his paper into the box lol.

I walked out feeling quite ill...stupid I know...but as I continued my way back to the car I thought..."No, fuck it, I'm fed up, it's time for a change." SO, changes are abound from one side of the globe to the other! And regardless of how our government change affects me, I'm still gonna feel more interested in what your new government is up to lol.
Friday, November 07, 2008

It's a Kinda Magic

My godson, Liam (8 years old) went into hospital at 7.30 this morning for surgery. They were inserting grommets in his ears (where else do they put 'em?) and removing his adnoids. HUGE adnoids he had. Not anymore. This is what he looked like just before they wheeled him into theatre.

Cute huh? He looks very serious, but that has more to do with what was happening on the PSP, as opposed to what was about to happen. His mother (my best mate Fi) realised she was going to need something to keep him distracted this morning while they waited, and sent out an urgent text message to her friends/family to find someone with a PSP. Big brother Sam came up with the goods at 7am. That little black box kept Liam entertained beautifully.

Once I knew he was all done and dusted and I'd sat around waiting for a while, I decided it was probably best to come home and check back in with him later. He was only supposed to go in for the morning, home by 10.30am they reckoned, but due to the hugely oozing adnoid issue, the surgeon decided to keep him overnight and send home tomorrow instead. ("Oozing" is apparently a nice word for bleeding, and here was me thinking all sorts of pale yellow pus stuff, but no, I was wrong a-bloody-gain).

So I came home around 1pm feeling a bit hungry and walked into the glorious aroma of garlic, soy sauce, seasame oil etc. Lovely mix of smelly goodness. Cameron had obviously followed through with his plan to mess about in the kitchen and take a cooked lunch to work. In other words, no scrummy food for me...just smell. Oh well, less calories in that (or so they say...I swear to you I've tried to smell a photo of some elaborate dessert online and have gained 10 pounds in the process...besides what do they really know anyway??)

Here's what Cam left me. Of course, when he gets home from work he's going to tell me he had every intention of cleaning up after himself but he would've been late for work. Story of his life.

I ate lunch (salmon sandwich, apple) and spoke to Dan on Skype for a short while. Unfortunately during a game of backgammon that was shaping up to be a good arse kicking (against him, not me...I dare you to say differently), the weather utterly shat it's undies and my computer power surged. I was robbed!

Right, I'm off to play with micodermabrasion cream and come back looking like Halle Berry. Don't wait up for me, it's gonna take some time. Ciao!
Thursday, November 06, 2008

One Moment Please Caller

It's been one of those days. You know, one that feels longer than the others? My shift this morning was busier than fact Thursdays in particular are always full-on. I usually get home around 2pm and often get into a hot shower, climb into bed and rest/sleep for an hour.

Crazy eh? I've worked less than 6 hours, yet I can come home feeling like a stunned mullet. Afterwards I don't want to say anything, do anything and end up sitting in front of the tv watching doesn't matter what it is...I just need to sit still, be mute and stare.

This morning the phone rang so often that at one point I answered with my usual response...."Hello? Are you there?...Hello?" Then I realised I was talking to a dial tone.

A freakin' dial tone!? Damn.

After I rest I normally have a burst of energy and feel practically inspired to clean...never lasts long...I hate housework.

Today I didn't rest, I was moderately energised and now I'm more than ready for bed.

See ya tomorrow. Night! :)
Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All Washed Out

I am SO tired of laundry! It's another one of those jobs that is never ending. Furthermore, I really should not complain about something that I know needs to be done and I know will always need to be done. Pointless. Unless of course I choose to never wash my clothes (or the boys for that matter) and we all go around smelling of that yummy stale odour...not.

Powers and secrets?...*snort*...whatever.

And should the kids ever do their own laundry...well, chances are the moment I find out, I'm gonna end up looking like this.

All that's missing is the gaping mouth as it hits the floor.

(Oh come on, give me a break, I'm trying aint I? Just think of what else could end up here...afterall, we are only on the 5th day lol.)
Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Look at That, Look at That...

Don't ask me what I'm looking at on the screen, I wouldn't have a clue. (Excuse the state of my's gale force winds outside (for a change *snort*) and I'd just got in from work. Besides it's actual real life and my hair looks like this the majority of the time...far be it for me to show you my life via rose-tinted glasses, it is what it is lol).

My previous camera has always been a bit grainy, but at the time it was far better than the one I didn't have (if you get my drift). During the weekend I buggered off and bought a new improved version of the same webcam. I finally downloaded Skype (which I've done before and had no success with whatsoever), and found what a simple yet effective programme it was...ok, it was probably more about Dan stepping me through some stuff and me finally getting it.

I see my sweetheart every day now...not just talk to him. Seeing him, in some ways just makes me miss him more. BUT, I actually get to lay my eyes on him and that's a major bonus for me. I could even do another video post at some point...imagine the future possibilities! haha

Psssst, Mrs L, I do believe you were clocked as being my 72,000th visitor. You must feel terribly excited knowing that now!
Monday, November 03, 2008

Say "Cheese...(cake)"

We're attempting to change our eating habits in this household, so for the last 2 weeks plus, we've been following a diet plan, well a healthy eating plan hopefully.  Cameron who really does not have any weight to lose started off by following the plan religiously...saying that, so did I pretty much the first week.

I'm pleased to say that Cam has loosened up a little...being that he's only 19 and is not overweight...the daily food intake seems rather low.  While we follow this plan, we've also been keeping an eye on the Weight Watchers food guides and how many points some foods are.  I figured that between the two we're hopefully working in the right direction.  Cam was horrified to find that his favourite pizza, which he can consume in it's entirety in one the equivalent to 40 points.  That's almost twice as many points per day than recommended.

There's a lot of chicken on this food plan.  Chicken salad, chicken soup, chicken salad sandwich, chicken salad soup (ok, not that one).  While I was out and about during our first week I received a text message from him..."Oi, how do I cook a chicken breast, godamn."  Bless him.

Today the 3 of us were at the local mall, my kids to get their hair cut, and me to run a couple of errands.  Ryan and I were sitting down enjoying coffee (and McDonalds in Ryan's case)...and Cameron, having finished his appointment joined us.  *him pointing at slice of cheesecake in front of me*  "What's that!?"..."It's salad, wanna share?"...."I love salad, cool" he said, picking up a fork and digging straight in.  There's no denying this kid is my son, haha.

Anyway, this is what he looks like these days....

...he's talking to my sister and stepping her through something or other on her computer.  I have to take photos when they're unaware...lot less drama if they're distracted.  At some point I'll try to snap Ryan...but it'll take a fair bit more skill to catch my youngest out.  Chances are you'll get to see a very skinny slice of him, cos I've taken it through the crack in his bedroom door lol.
Sunday, November 02, 2008

Starting Off on the Right Foot

The crates have been dragged out from under the kids beds and I've been going through them bit by bit trying to muck out everything that hasn't been touched for eons.  I'm trying to do that with most of my household (again)...possibly something to do with Spring getting all sprung and such.  I need to be more brutal, have less emotion and push back any memories that adhere to whatever item has just squeezed my heart..."Aaww, I remember the look on his face when he got this."  My maternal, um, squidginess requires toughening up.  Be gone squish!  Bring me iron! Whatever.

I had washing to do, it's a glorious day so it would be a great time to mow the lawn as well...I also have the minutes of Friday night's staff meeting to type up.  The boys have disappeared for the day with their father (both of them out of bed before 11am...who woulda thought it possible??)

And what have I been doing with all this spare time today?  I've been sorting my priorities and skived off for a pedicure, haha.  Any place I've had a pedicure, like, any place ever, has been run or owned by Asian people.  Is it just my imagination or do all Asian people have a thing for Celine Dion?  This is by no way a criticism...I love Celine Dion (Hiya C, just in case ya come callin')...just wondered if there's something in the water.

The local nail salon I frequent has a large plasma screen on the wall for it's patrons enjoyment while we relax and get pampered etc.  The ladies and gents that look after me are lovely, they're chatty and personable and considering they're getting intimate with my digits, their manner makes me relax and feel real comfy in their hands.  When it comes to anybody touching my physical self? I've gotta be happy letting them...pointless otherwise.  Now, each time I'm there the DVD that's playing is either Celine Dion or Michael Buble...predominantly Celine.  Perhaps they have a Canadian thing, dunno.  Perhaps I should try slipping in some Bryan Adams?

Anyway, the washing's done, the scribble I wrote on Friday still lays dormant beside the PC, and I have a lawn to mow, so best be off.  Oh and here's my toes, just so y'all can share in the glittery goodness of my Sunday! (Apologies for the blurriness, crap photographer an' all that)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

NaBloPoMo, Go!

At least two of my favourite bloggy people are taking part in the NaBloPoMo challenge of posting every day in November. 30 posts for 30 days. So I went and joined up. Well I think I did. I thought maybe I could have another go at this. I attempted to post each day in July...well, missed about 5 days altogether didn't I? And then I disappeared off the face of the screen for almost two months.  Exhaustion? Disappointment? Lobotomy?

Why should I find it so hard to post each day? I used to do it without much thought at all. Possibly I think too much these days.  Last time I bored myself rigid with what I was writing, God knows how you lot coped reading that drivel.  Strong chance that's going to happen again.

Anyone know what NaBloPoMo means? National Blog Posting Month maybe?  Just a guess, I'll have to look into that...from the short trip around the site, it appeared you can do this any month of the year.  I think they have different themes/subjects for each month.  I really should research things better, but given I was doing this late last night, I'll admit I wasn't paying too much attention to the finer details. I've no clue what this month's theme is lol.

I'm pretty sure I did sign up but have no idea if I'm supposed to do anything else with the personal web page I've been given.   It's very empty at the moment (probably will remain so)...scrolling down the page I couldn't help but feel like a Nigel-no-mates when reading under the heading of "Lisa's Friends"..."Lisa doesn't have any friends..."  (How can you NOT feel tremendously sorry for me??)

And just in case I didn't cross my t's and dot my i's correctly, and I've not officially signed up for it, let's just not tell anyone eh?  I don't need to be branded an imposter....or hijacker (or any other word with 3 syllables).

*Proffers glass*.....Here we go then!...*clink*